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  • PatrickF
    Yes (16) Color: Black Size: 0.3MP Camera
    Surprisingly nice and fun!
    Ok, This was an impulse buy when I saw it on the front page or something. I can't even remember where I first saw it. Anyway, I decided to take a chance and order one. I like the look of it. I think we all know it's trying to look like DJI's Mavic. It also arrived fast. I honestly did not expect it to arrive today but it's a nice surprise! The box was very light, at first I thought it was empty. The box is nicely presented. The quad inside is nicely packaged. There's not much inside. You will find: 1 x Remote 1 x Quadcopter 1 x bag with charger and a screw driver. 4 sets of prope guards I charged the battery straight away. At first, I couldn't get it to arm. I thought I got a faulty one until by accident, I managed to work it out. This is how: Switch the quad on first. The lights should start blinking slowly. Now switch the transmitter on. The lights on the quad now should blink fast! Move the throttle stick up and down and you will hear a beep. At the same time, the lights on the quad should stop blinking and remain on. This tells you the quad is now armed. Gently raise the throttle stick and the quad should lift up. It's pretty stable and very responsive! I have only tried to fly it around in basic mode. I tried the different rates and I prefer the 3rd rate (highest setting?) as that's how I'm used to flying it. Plus there's hardly any wind tonight which helped! I have not tried pairing my phone. The transmitter's phone holder is pretty cool and it folds onto itself! Overall, I actually was surprised and I like this! I didn't like it at first because of how light it feels and how cheapish it feels but after flying it, I can see myself having fun with this! I'm going to take it to the park this weekend for a good fly around. I do not know how long the battery lasts and sadly because of the cage around the battery, I think you will have to buy specific battery from this company. I hope they sell spares! I'm going to look now after writing this review! Video:
    DISLIKES: There's one thing I don't like and it's the transmitter sticks! They're too darn small to be able to have complete control of the quad! Many times I couldn't control the throttle because of how tiny the sticks are! I'm going to find a way of putting in a bigger taller gimbal stick on the transmitter! The battery has no charge light on it so you have to rely on the included charger to tell you if it's charged or not. Can't use my own battery because of the specific design

    May 26,2017

  • Алим Лысак
    Yes (2) Color: Black Size: 0.3MP Camera
    TIANQU XS809W Foldable RC Quadcopter
    Он не может иметь дополнительные функции, такие как GPS, система камеры карданной и обход препятствий, но он уверен, выглядит очень похож на Mavic Pro. Он даже имеет диагональное расстояние двигателя (260мм), который немного меньше, чем DJI (335 мм). Все, что всего за $ 50 отправлены. -----Вывод----- -Tianqu XS809W является отличным Mavic Pro Двойник, если вы восхищаетесь взгляды на DJI, но не в серьезную аэрофотосъемку. На только $ 50 поставляется, то XS809W оснащен складными руками двигателя и отличные характеристики полета с WiFi FPV для загрузки. -Он имеет высокую интегрированный дизайн, который является хорошим, поскольку такой подход означает, что нет никаких проводов или частей торчащие, что вам нужно подключить вручную. Даже батарея имеет слот-в дизайне и может заряжаться с помощью микро-кабеля USB подключен к его стороне, так что нет необходимости в специальном зарядном кабеле. Просто любой микро кабель USB будет работать. -Он не может ничего , что особенного по сравнению с другими игрушечными беспилотников в этом ценовом диапазоне представлены , но я подозреваю , что многие захотят купить его исключительно для своих DJI-вдохновил внешний вид. Tianqu XS809W можно приобрести в GearBest всего за $ 50,54 поставляется.
    Камера, можно было сделать по лучше.

    Jun 15,2017

  • Martin
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: with One Battery, 2MP Camera + Air Press Altitude Hold
    Great quadcopter for the money
    So I have been playing with a few smaller drones and got my eye on this one. Ordered the one with one battery and 2MP camera. Looking at reviews online the first thing I noticed was that the camera lens was smaller than the other ones i saw. I was thinking that it could mean that they sold me the wrong model but it's not. The videos do really come bad if you record them on your phone but if you put a SD card they are pretty decent for a 40$ drone. The card has to be formatted fat32 and I had no problems recording videos and transferring them to my PC. It was packed very good and the contents is really great - screwdriver, spare blades and guard. One thing is that you shouldn't operate it indoors if you have a small place as it is a little more powerful than I expected and even with the blade guards I ended up with a hole in the blinds. Also when you land it have in mind that it simply drops and if does from a higher height it will possible break as it is made of plastic. Battery life is great for the price range and you would definitely want to get more than one :)
    none till now

    Feb 18,2018

  • Danilo
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: 0.3MP Camera + Air Press Altitude Hold
    Selfie drone for novices and experts
    Excellent economic drone, clone of the most famous mavic. Maintains the position thanks to the height sensor, it is quite stable but tends to move sideways in the presence of light wind, if the wind is strong it is not advisable to fly because being light is taken away, I struggled with the double speed to bring it back , however it has kept me the signal over at least 100 meters, good battery life of about 10 minutes of flight with the radio control. The 0.3mpx camera is just enough for a selfie close up because beyond the low image quality has a weak capacity of the wifi so you can not go further than twenty meters before the video stops, perhaps boosting the antenna it could be used as a racing fpv due to its lightness and maneuverability. The app does its duty, you can control the flight with touch, set manually a route or drive with the gyro, start photo and video recording, as well as review the media but they works only in wifi mode and stored on the phone as the drone does not have sd slot. In short, a drone for beginners but also experts to practice without fear of breaking it.

    Mar 05,2019

  • recenzent255
    Yes (2) Color: Black Size: with One Battery, 2MP Camera + Air Press Altitude Hold
    Doskonała zabawka
    Nie spodziewałem się że za tak niewielkie pieniądze można otrzymać tak fajną zabawkę. Dron został dostarczony bardzo szybko i w bezpiecznym opakowaniu. Nauka latania zajęła trochę czasu, ale trwałoby to znacznie krócej, gdybym najpierw zapoznał się z instrukcją obsługi i przeprowadził kalibrację :) Po tym procesie latanie to sama przyjemność, zwłaszcza z włączonym trybem headlessPlusy:- możliwości,- budowa i wymiary,- jakość wykonania,- łatwość obsługi,- odporność na upadki,- czas pracy na baterii - spokojnie da się polatać przez 10 minut,- dostępność i ceny części zamiennych - właściwie każdy uszkodzony element drona można łatwo wymienić na nowy, a oferta komponentów jest bardzo bogata,Minusy:- przeciętna jakość kamerki mimo że to 720p,- ozdobne zaślepki śmigieł wypadają przy upadkach,- slot karty microsd jest obluzowany, ale być może na skutek upadku.Podsumowując: polecam

    Sep 23,2018

  • Saulo Miguel
    Yes (5) Color: Black Size: with One Battery, 2MP Camera + Air Press Altitude Hold
    Drone quase perfeito
    @Brazil - Ótimo custo beneficio, ele voa muito bem por até 10 minutos, todo material empregado para fazer o drone é de boa qualidade, ele realmente parece um drone bem mais caro e dificio de acreditar que é algo tão barato. Se pode controla-lo através do controle normalmente ou usar o giroscópio do celular com controle, o air pressure garante uma boa estabilidade no voo, sua câmera tem uma qualidade boa acima dos outros drones da mesma faixa de preço e o FPV dele funciona incrivelmente bem. @English - Great cost benefit, it flies very well for up to 10 minutes, all the material used to make the drone is of good quality, it really looks like a much more expensive drone and I do not believe it's something so cheap. Whether you can control it through control normally or use the gyroscope of the cell phone with control, air pressure ensures good flight stability, your camera has a good quality above the other drones of the same price range and his FPV works incredibly well .
    @Brazil - Único ponto negativo deste drone e que por si só não permite que ele possa ser considerado o melhor em sua faixa de preço é a sua bateria que precisa ser usada sempre o modelo patentada pelo fabricante, nenhuma outra encaixa neste drone... O fato de não poder ter liberdade na escolha da bateria o limita em muito na escolha e em possíveis adaptações de baterias com maiores amperagens. @English - Only negative point of this drone and that by itself does not allow it to be considered the best in its price range is its battery that needs to be always used the model patented by the manufacturer, no other fits in this drone ... The fact not being able to have freedom in the choice of the battery, limits it greatly in the choice and possible adaptations of batteries with higher amps.

    Jan 08,2018

  • ViperX176
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: with Three Batteries, 2MP Camera + Air Press Altitude Hold
    Foldable Drone
    For a beginner in Drone flight, this drone is really good. You have to learn how to fly without gps stabilisation, so you have to correct the drone manually. If the drone crashes somehow, it's not that bad because it's not an expensive drone and most times the drone just gets some scratches because it's not that heavy. A nice feature is that you can fold it. The folding mechanism is not as good as the one from the dji drone but its okay. The drone also has the look from the dji mavic pro which is really cool. For beginner you can also mount some rotor protectors. The image quality is not really nice but you can use it to see the world from a birds eyes. One thing is really bad... that's the wifi connection. If you lost the connection and you can't see the drone (because you maybe fly behind a house) it's imossible to fly the drone. If the drone is too far away it's also bad because you don't see when the battery is getting empty (especially when there's bright daylight)

    Oct 19,2018

  • Mucahit Ozsahin
    Yes (4) Color: Black Size: with Three Batteries, 2MP Camera + Air Press Altitude Hold
    best best best gearbest
    Katlanabilir tasarım, katlandığında 17.5 x 13 x 6cm, yaklaşık bir su şişesi büyüklüğünde ● WiFi FPV, 2MP kamera. Telefonunuzu uçağın pilot çalışması için kullanabilir ve kameranın adımını kontrol edebilirsiniz ● Havada Sabit Tutuş, XS809W'nin belirli bir yükseklikte sıkı bir şekilde kalmasını sağlar ve sorunsuz çekim işlemleri gerçekleştirmenizi sağlar ● G-Sensör Modu, dörtlü çekirgeçin size göre yolunuzu takip etmesini sağlar akıllı telefonunuzu hareket ettirin ● Başsız Mod, uçağın yönlendirmesine rağmen joystick'in hareketine göre uçmayı sağlar ● Bir Tuşla Geri Dönüş, istediğiniz zaman dörtlü çekiciyi geri çağırmayı kolaylaştırır ● Harika 3D dönüş Farklı yönlere doğru sürekli havada sarılabilir ● Hız Anahtarı. Farklı seviyelerde oyuncular için Düşük / orta / yüksek hız

    Feb 14,2018

  • Dilan
    Yes (1) Color: Black Size: with One Battery, 2MP Camera + Air Press Altitude Hold
    TIANQU XS809W Foldable RC Quadcopter. Amazing drone for the price!
    This is my first drone and didn't expect much for this price. I was wrong. It is great!. Build quality is good.I crashed a few times, because it was keep flipping and not taking off. I was really upset about that. Then I searched a solution on YouTube and found that I accidentally pressed a trimming button so I had to factory reset the drone. That's it. It worked! (Don't press the 'Arrow keys' on the controller until you need to calibrate the drone).Here is the factory reset video link if needed : has some scrach marks on the body and propellers due to the crashes, but still works smoothly.Overall it's a great drone for the price! You won't reagret.
    Nothing found.

    Jul 07,2018

  • Jigsaw
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: with Three Batteries, 2MP Camera + Air Press Altitude Hold
    Tianqu Visuo XS809W
    Amazing drone! received it in 10 working days (to South Africa) came in great condition and exactly as per what I ordered with 3 batteries. camera footage is not too bad and flying the drone is easy! would definitely recommend buying this as a first timer. battery life is decent, I get about 11 minutes of each battery. The lighting around the drone is really cool! the drone is very fast on the highest speed setting and the control that came with the drone is fast and effective and holds my phone quite well. I haven't quite made the app work as yet to control the drone. however, I do see video footage on my phone and I can choose when to take pictures and videos. for the price this is an excellent drone and I am enjoying flying it!

    Jan 14,2019