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  • Oleg
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    quadcopter glasses
    I chose these glasses for FPV quadrocopters, on the advice of other aviamodelling enthusiasts. They did not disappoint me, the image was excellent, I didn’t notice video delays. Because of flaws, there is illumination near the nose but this can be corrected and depends on the structure of the face and therefore individually for everyone. excellent advise taking.

    Oct 29,2018

  • N. Murguia
    Yes (3) Color: White
    GREAT PRICE, Faulty product
    The description was wrong. It is 48ch not 40, and it does come with HDMI in. The screen is very nice and I found them very comfortable. I tried some FS and they did not fit my face. It comes with all the 3D equipment (camera, transmitter, etc..) I am yet to try the range on the field... The signal scanner works great and is very quick.
    CONS: If you are using a 2S battery, the low bat alarm will never shut down (even ant full charge), maybe faulty set? I put in my SD card and was not able to format it. When I tried to take it out, I realized it can´t be ejected. It is stuck inside so I can´t use DVR. For this price, they should work out of the box. Currently undergoing Warranty Claim.

    Sep 06,2017

  • k
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    Amazing FPV Goggles with more than just fpv
    This goggles are awesome, True diversity receiver, DVR, 3D with included 3D camera and transmitter, Headtracking with every cable included for your transmitter. Includes 2 diferent faceplates and you can do a third with a fatshark faceplate to have fan if you need it. Worth the price.
    When i plug the HDMI inside mines is so hard to remove it from inside... Didnt tested 3d fpv yet If you have fog you can make a fatshark faceplate mod.

    Nov 09,2017

  • koo
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    가격대비 성능 짱
    영상화질좋고 수신율 괜찮고 가성비 최고입니다 3d카메라에 수신기까지 없는게 없는... 최고 팩샷보다는 좋은것 같습니다 ㅁㅇㅁㄴㄹㅇㅁㄴㄹㅇㅁㄴㄹㅇㅁㄹㄴㄻㄴㄻㄴㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹ
    DVR은 팩샷보다 못한것 같아요... 얼굴이 큰분들은 안맞을수 있어요 하지만 고무 플레이트를 이용하면 딱 맞아요.....ㅇㄹㄴㅁㄹㅇㄻㄴㄻㄴㄻㄴㄹㅇㅁㄻㄻㄴㅇㄹㄴㄹㄴㅁㄹㄹㅇㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹ

    Feb 12,2018

  • Evgeniy Davydov
    Yes (3) Color: White
    Отличный выбор за свои деньги.
    3Д камера и передатчик видео на 200 мВт комплекте. Картинка, по моему субъективному мнению, лучше, чем в fatshark hd3 :) Шнурок с XT60 и всеядность очков по питанию. Корпуса белого и черного отличаются по качеству. Не хотел вначале покупать белый, но после получения считаю что белый даже лучше.
    Отсутствие вентилятора - линзы все таки могут запотевать. Необходимость снимать антенны, чтобы убрать очки в комплектный кейс. Отсутствие АКБ в комплекте.

    Nov 21,2017

  • marcelosouto
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Excelente opção de óculos
    Excelente opção de óculos, confortável, grava bem os vídeos, muda os canais facilmente, reproduz os videos gravados. Achei o muito boa a relação custo/benefício. RECOMENDO.
    nada que mereça ser mencionado, estou muito satisfeito com o óculos.

    Aug 09,2018

  • who me?
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    skyzones vs fatsharks
    awesome goggles for their price, great that it has diversity and comfortable to wear with good battery life, recommend anyone into FPV to buy these if they want to upgrade.
    machined well but not perfect, one of my vision sliders doesn't work so well, but i can still find the range i need to see fine.

    Oct 29,2017

  • Francesco
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    las mejores Gafas FPV que he probado
    las gafas son ligeras y la imagen es nítida y brillante a la par de muy bien definida. El formato y el ángulo de visión es perfecto para que no se te canse la vista. salvo a lo mejor por como se acoplan a mi cara no las cambiaría ni por unas fatshark hd3.
    la batería externa no siempre es comoda y en los días de calor se echa en falta el sistema de ventilación...

    Feb 26,2018

  • Brad
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Everything is as expected besides the carrying case, its sucks that you have to take the goggles apart to fit them in it.
    The carrying case sucks

    Aug 15,2018

  • Greg
    Yes (0) Color: White
    Skyzone v02
    All is OK. Brightness is fantastic. I have the old one v01, nothing to compare. Fast shipping.
    DVR quality is not too good.

    Feb 06,2018