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  • Otto.B
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: L
    A Good Fit!
    I bought this helmet for winter bike rides, not skiing. It gets cold riding a bike in the winter, so this will work out quite well. I feel the protection provided is better than my standard bike helmet, and the fact there are less vents will keep the cold wind away from my head. If your forehead skin moves a little, and the helmet if just above the eyebrows, and is a bit snug, it's a good fit. I really like this helmet.

    Nov 30,2019

  • Elton
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: L
    Sleek Design, Great Look, Fits Wide Range
    Love the simplicity, design, and glossy finish, looks great! Feels sturdy yet lightweight, holds tight. The chin and micro-adjustable straps are easy to adjust. But might not be as comfortable in the back if you have to tighten it down that much. Not a huge issue but the chin rest gets flipped around easily, just have to adjust it after fastening.

    Nov 18,2019

  • Eamonn
    Yes (0) Color: Red Size: L
    Good helmet
    This is actually a very nice and comfortable helmet and it fits perfectly. At the smallest setting it is a little too tight, and at the largest is slightly loose, so that is exactly what I would want for fit. Overall, I would definitely recommend this helmet, especially for the price.

    Oct 29,2019

  • Owen
    Yes (0) Color: Green Size: M
    Comfortable with great protection
    Great helmet for the price! The only minor negative I have about it is the styling - the front end is cut off a little short, so it looks stubbier than other helmets, but this buy is much less about looks and much more about safety and comfort where this scores high marks.

    Nov 03,2019

  • Yehudi Hansen
    Yes (0) Color: Green Size: M
    Good build quality
    It feels like it will hold up well for its primary purpose. On the off chance that I take a fall and hit my head, I trust that the MOON helmet will provide the proper protection for my noggin.

    Nov 10,2019

  • Aurora Huggins
    Yes (0) Color: Gray Size: S
    Impressive Helmet
    When I first got the helmet I was shocked at how light it is, but it's seems pretty tough. Not going to test how tough it is and seems like it'll be pretty handy on the mountain.

    Nov 12,2019

  • Rory Gissing
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: S
    It's sturdy but lightweight, easy to hook. Obviously we don't know how well it holds up in an accident, but it seems like it will do fine for what we need.

    Oct 17,2019

  • Keith Carrie
    Yes (0) Color: Red Size: L
    Great helmet at a great price.
    This is going to be a great helmet and I can't wait to use it.
    I recommend this if you're looking for an affordable and stylish helmet.

    Oct 30,2019

  • Jill Veblen
    Yes (0) Color: White Size: L
    Great quality!
    It does protect your ears from cold and the adjustable vent on top makes for nice option.

    Nov 18,2019

  • Dawn May
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: S
    Stylish, Comfortable
    The helmet has a nice fit and is not heavy which is great. I would recommend this product.

    Nov 04,2019