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  • HenryH
    it was listed as Used Good Condition, because it has the same specs as a nice budget smartphone and a beautiful color screen, I'm still exploring and learning all of the features and things this watch is capable of, I was so afraid the watch would look ridiculous on my small wrist but it didn't hang off either side of my wrist or look ridiculous on me, The decision to go with the larger version was based on the fact that the women's version was lacking the built-in speaker and only had the microphone for dictation, I purchased a new watchband from Amazon with quick release pins and it has made this product even more comfortable, It is just so comfy and makes the watch feel even better than it did straight out of the box, You seriously can't go wrong with this watch

    Sep 12,2018

  • T. Davis
    This is the best smartwatch out right now for Android, The display is amazing and the GPS is working great, There is a ton of watch faces that are very useful for whatever you are doing, Other watch faces are great for everything from step counts, The watch looks great and is on the big side, The star is the rotating bezel that makes navigating through the watch the best way right now with smart watches, The co-star is the display of this watch which is brilliant and out standing in all lighting situations, I have yet had a problem seeing the screen with right watch face in the sunlight

    Sep 24,2018

  • Debra M.
    The smart watch uses sim and it also connects to my Android phone, I can answer the phone with the smart watch directly, It is convenient And I can make a call either through the sim of the smart watch or my Android phone, the notifications on my phone push to the smart watch, The smart watch has almost everything you need except you have to install the App, the price is good, Like this bluetooth smart watch very much!i wear this bluetooth smart watch as soon as i recieved it , No more phone call will be missed again.The bluetooth smart watch is very light and comfortable

    Aug 04,2018

  • Wanda Pulley
    This watch is great, This is my first smartwatch and I have to say I am not disappointed, I took their recommendation and cycled the battery around three or four times and now a full charge will last around two days while being connected to my phones Bluetooth and home WIFI, It does a good job of tracking steps and the heart rate monitor seems to be pretty accurate as well as the GPS, The watch is very comfortable, the screen is great and the UI is super easy to navigate through, Great watch to have

    Dec 15,2018

  • Prissy
    I didn't really know much about smart watches veggie she wanted one, So I searched a lot to find a good device, This is a new upgraded smart watch, Various functions and ready to use, you can make phone call directly from the smart watch, Dial via smart watch SIM or Bluetooth optional, the smartwatch supports Partial Functions, This smart watch can support most android and ios phones

    Jul 20,2018

  • David Moskowitz
    I can see how this watch would be suitable for both male and female buyers, I don't care so much about texting on this device or phone call functionality, This is my first smartwatch and it's a great fit for me, Just a simple smartwatch and I like that, I'm halfway tempted to buy the classic version as well but I may wait a while to see what new features come along

    Aug 05,2018

  • Tatiana Boston
    receive and make phone calls listening and talking through the smart watch, all while connected via Bluetooth, The camera is decent for a smart watch, with options such as toggling which apps on your phone you want your smart watch to receive notifications for, The anti-lost function is nice, Just like a dumb watch

    Aug 19,2018

  • Bear
    This smartwatch is filled with amazing features and has a lot of capabilities but the screen resolution is very low and the camera is nearly visibly yet a cool feature, The band is very high quality though, If you are looking for your first smartwatch and this is one of the best for its price range

    Jul 24,2018

  • goodlife-2day
    power-packed smartwatch that would not break the bank, It imported my contacts and other data in a flash, The calls via the watch aren't bad either all though probably the phone is simpler, Being so new it is hard to find a screen protector that fits, All in all a great watch for an amazing price

    Oct 17,2018

  • Ahmed Ali Jahrami
    I couldn't be happier with this product, The ability to also talk through the watch is a nice plus when in situations where holding a phone isn't practical -LRB- note : this feature has to be enabled by turning on the `` Play phone audio on watch'' option in the Bluetooth section under Settings -RRB-

    Sep 07,2018