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  • Chevon
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: UK
    perfect for the HTPC in my house
    I bought this to replace the wired keyboard and mouse I was using for my HTPC. This is the perfect solution, it's quite small (about the size of a video game controller, only thin), but has all the functionality you need and it eliminates the wires. You're not going to type any papers on it, but that's not what it's for. Surfing the net or searching for content is easy enough with the small keys, maybe some quick email. Just plug in the dongle, turn it on, and you have a nice functional wireless keyboard and mouse (well touch pad actually). Some reviews I read said the touch pad was over sensitive but I find it fine. The only gripe I have is that there are some additional keys and its not a conventional layout, so I need a light on to use it; but that's really minor and I think you'd learn what you needed pretty quick. I mapped shortcuts to function keys so I can launch whatever app I want from a single button push. It has a lithium batt, not sure how long it could go on a charge but I'd bet weeks. My room isn't big enough to test the range, but it's over 15' for sure. It doesn't feel substantial but I don't plan to throw it across the room anyway.

    Dec 03,2018

  • Colleen Bayone
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: UK
    If you have a laptop that you plug into your TV to streaming media, this will be your best friend.
    What can I say about the iPazzPort Wireless Mini Keyboard and Touchpad? If you are on the fence about buying this wonderful little device, don't be scared, you should add to cart and purchase it. I purchased the iPazzPort to have a small keyboard/mouse combo to use with a few Raspberry Pi's, but ended up using it for so much more! If you have a laptop that you plug into your TV to watch streaming media, this will be your best friend.

    The iPazzPort comes with a usb charger and rechargeable battery pack, which makes the device just that much better. The usb transceiver fits neatly into the same area as the battery so the whole thing packs up nicely and is extremely portable. I keep it in my back pocket when I'm at work. Then when I'm at home I plug it into my Xbox and can use it as a keyboard and navigation (However when in a game only the keyboard will work).

    Sep 10,2018

  • Jessica Cary
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: UK
    Great wireless keyboard for the price
    This wireless keyboard works so well that I bought 4 of them for different relatives & friends.
    They all seem to enjoy the freedom of using them with their TV'S from a distance.
    It will take some getting use to but not much. I love the touch pad scroll feature, really fast.
    This keyboard seem to go into a sleep mode when not used for a period of time at that point
    you need to tap the OK button to wake it up. which is cool because that saves the battery.
    speaking of battery I really love that this device charges through usb which save money!
    I also love the fact that the keys on the keyboard is fully functional like a large keyboard
    and it is very easy to type without hitting the wrong buttons like when I'm texting on my phone
    overall for the price this is a good deal for a wireless keyboard

    Nov 21,2018

  • Dawn Lahuta
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: UK
    Good keyboard for the $
    The keyboard does come with a rechargeable battery and the option for you to use batteries as well, they also provide you with a charging cable and the USB dongle to connect into the device that you are using it on.
    The only reason that I am not giving it a 5 star rating is that the rechargeable battery has a very short life and I am finding that I am charging the unit every 3-4 days with light use. Also the touch pad or mouse pad is very temperamental and works when it feels like it, I find that I have to turn the power switch off then back on for the touch pad to respond correctly, I barely use the touch ad so not that big of a deal for me.
    Overall it does the trick and is so much better than the stock remotes that came with the aforementioned devices.

    Nov 15,2018

  • Toon toon
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: UK
    Created a whole new, enjoyable experience with my media box.
    I had just gotten a new media box,but the supplied remote was slow, & you had to be withing 5-6 ft of the box to make it work. Got frustrated trying to control the box.
    Then I got this keyboard remote. It was like a whole new experience. I plugged the USB receiver piece into the box, added batteries to the remote. After becoming familiar with the buttons & their exact function, I was zipping through apps & looking up movies & tv shows using the touchpad. Now I can fully enjoy my new media player. Since this remote works with wi-fi, i can use it from across the room.

    The only thing I have not been able to figure out is a power button on this remote to turn the box on & off. I just use the supplied remote to turn the box on, then switch to the iPazzPort remote.

    Nov 20,2018

  • Kay Thomas
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: UK
    Fantastic portable keyboard for Raspberry Pi
    This is a fantastic keyboard. It works right out of the box with my raspberry pi. It's much smaller than you would expect from the pictures, but not so small that typing is impossible (approximately the size of an electronic dictionary). The keys are nice and clicky, not smooshy like many portable keyboards,so you get a good sense of when you've pressed the button. The keyboard is pretty responsive, though you have to be in range. As you get father away you'll see double or missed clicks.

    The keys could be arranged a little better I think. Sometimes I have to use a hand on the wrong side in order to enter a capital letter, or the symbols are not where I expect them, but given the size is entirely understandable.

    Dec 03,2018

  • Victor Ramirez
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: UK
    It's smaller than I thought it would be which makes it a bit difficult for someone like me with huge hands
    It works well enough for what I need it for and I'm satisfied with it. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because sometimes the first letter that I press doesn't react - that is annoying but not as annoying as painstakingly tapping out every individual letter on the PS4 on-screen keyboard. Also, the LED lights on the device are, in my opinion, unnecessarily bright. I think the brightness could be taken down a notch or three so that the lights aren't so overpowering and distracting. It's not that big of a deal, but it does affect my ability to use it in low light condition because the lights become distracting. Overall, I don't have any regrets and I would recommend it despite the minor issues I've experienced.

    Dec 09,2018

  • KarCar
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: UK
    Love it!
    I love this little thing. I use my television to mirror my laptop so I can stream media on the big screen. It is just the right size to use as a "remote" and the Play/Pause media buttons work great. I haven't had any issues with the wireless connection and it was easy to set up. I read other reviews that said people had problems controlling the mouse, but I haven't had that experience. I've had it for about a month and I've had no issues with it so far. It doesn't jump around or have a delay from what I can tell. I was a little worried when I got the instruction manual and it was written in broken English, but I have to say - this is one of my favorite new purchases. I got it for under $15 and it is SUCH a great deal.

    Oct 18,2018

  • Candace
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: UK
    Good Product for the price
    I have purchased 4 of these to go along with MXIII streaming media boxes. All of them have worked well and were immediately recognized. The range has not been an issue. I've tried them up to 30 ft away and the remotes signal was recognized by the device. Comes with a rechargeable battery, which is nice. After a week of use pretty robust use I still haven't had to recharge beyond the initial charge it came with. The unit has a power switch, but even if left on it will go into a hibernation mode if not used to save battery. Although compact, I don't have any issue quickly typing on the keypad. A good blend between big enough to be functional and small enough to be portable.

    Nov 17,2018

  • Casey Clements
    Yes (0) Color: Black Size: UK
    i love this keybooard.
    Works as advertised. It says wireless, and i assumed that meant bluetooth, but it has a dongle. It *will* work with a smartphone. I've sincerely realized it's more that it's quite light and for the price, it works really well. Has worked with our PCs, Raspberry Pi, Moto 4G and Galaxy Tab 4.

    The touchpad is really sensitive, and almost jumpy, but if it's just selecting the occasional menu, it's super convenient to have. Would make an excellent keyboard for consoles, smart TVs and media boxes for intermittent typing from the couch.

    Sep 10,2018