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  • C. Willy Tokin
    Yes (0) Color: Pink
    I really enjoy everything about my new watch, I like the fact that the numbers are nice and big and also the fact that it is two-toned so you can wear it with anything but the best thing is no more batteries, I did need to go to a jeweler to get a few links taken out because the band runs large but they did not charge me anything, I would definitely recommend this watch to anyone that is looking for a great watch at very reasonable price

    Sep 01,2018

  • saxman
    Yes (0) Color: Pink
    The size of the watch is great if you want a simple everyday watch that isn't flashy, The leather band is a little plasticey feeling and was very stiff at first but has softened with everyday wear, This is not a bad watch and it is functional for everyday use however it is cheap so don't expect luxury quality materials

    Oct 24,2018

  • DivingMomNKY(Sabrina Eppe)
    Yes (0) Color: Brown
    I bought this same exact watch last year, The leather strap is very good quality and I love the gold toned face, stylish and functional watch for any purpose, The only thing I wish is that they had the same design with a larger face since that's very trendy at the moment, a perfect watch

    Nov 22,2018

  • abs
    Yes (0) Color: Brown
    I like it because the numbers are easy to read, I buy a new watch because by this time the leather band is also worn out I can't wear a stainless steel band because of allergies and it costs about the same as replacing them, I prefer this watch to the more expensive watches I own

    Oct 31,2018

  • Todd S.
    Yes (0) Color: Brown
    This is a great little watch, The numbers are large enough to see even with my aged eyes and so far, The watch band style is easy to remove and replace with other similar bands if you decide you want other colors, since it is a weekender watch

    Jul 05,2018

  • Gregg A. Reitmeister
    Yes (0) Color: Pink
    The band material is so comfortable that I don't even feel it, The numbers are large but elegant, Wear it with dressy outfits have more than one of this watch with different color bands Love it

    Nov 09,2018

  • Ashwin Naidu
    Yes (0) Color: Pink
    This is a beautiful watch, The leather is a beautiful color and has matched every outfit I've worn it with so far, this is a beautiful watch and I would recommend it wholeheartedly

    Aug 13,2018

  • Adrienne Kirby
    Yes (0) Color: Pink
    Nice watch face and comfy leather band, My wife's wrist is thin and she has to use the innermost hole to secure the watch on her, Overall pleased with the purchase and value so far

    Jul 26,2018

  • Poff Kids
    Yes (0) Color: Brown
    The watch looks elegant and I absolutely loved it.Its width has suited my thin wrist to-a-t, The leather strap with stainless steel joints looks brilliant

    Nov 16,2018

  • reatha
    Yes (0) Color: Pink
    Great watch for the price, The numbers are larger enough for me to see eyesight deteriorating with age, Impossible for me to see the date function

    Oct 08,2018