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  • Colin A
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Excellent for my fish tank
    I find this fantastic when cleaning my fishtank, the motor is just right to get the flow working to help empty the tank ready for cleaning or when i need to remove water and add fresh into the tank.
    Makes my life easier noe instead of having to manually remove the dirty warer plus the fish don't get a scare when I put the fresh water in as I am not pouring it from a bucket but using this to pump it back in quickly and quietly.
    Only gripe I have is that it leaks at the where the tube with the motor attaches to the battery compartment but fixed this with a bit of mastic.

    Dec 26,2018

  • Pamela C. Freeman
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Love it
    I wish I would have bought this years ago. For years I have been siphoning water from the pool cover like a dummy. This pumps three times as much water. Previous reviews mentioned that it doesn’t stay upright so I was a bit worried. It does not need to be upright. I just toss it in to a deep area and plug it in. I set an alarm so I won’t forget about it because it does not cut off by itself. Worth every penny!

    Sep 27,2018

  • Lior
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    low low quality
    I installed new batteries.
    even though the pump is very poor.
    the suction will go only if the ege of the tube is low.
    and even then you have to play with it till you see water coming out.
    there are leaking from the center.

    Dec 28,2018

  • Tim M
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Very practical tool
    I was looking for something to transfer water into my holding tanks. I have a 4 gallon container and it's very hard to lift and hold in place while the water is pouring into the tanks. But found that it works great! and it transfers the water really quickly. I'm glad I bought it.

    Sep 25,2018

  • zulu
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    Nov 08,2018

  • geaba
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Usefull tool
    Very nice pump. The hose is short but you can change it. I tried to empty a canister of diesel and it worked fine. No batteries included!

    Jan 24,2019

  • citromlazac
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    good, but very easy construction, not protected agaings liquids
    Good, not too fast, I used for aquariums. Not really quick, but can help. Full plastic solution, not protected against water, so you should take care about not to take the battery holder under the water because it will stop...

    Dec 07,2018

  • Suzanne Clement
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Does its job
    I bought this pump to remove excess rain water that seeps under the cover to my outdoor, in ground spa. I've had it several months, used it several times, and I like it. There are attachments for several size plastic tubing.

    Sep 28,2018

  • Harryster
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    Clark oil pumb
    We have used this one for several months now and work great! We use it at work to refuel our clark and it is really very helpful and easy to use. even though it pumbs oil it works perfectly all these months. Recommended

    Jul 29,2019

  • Linda
    Yes (0) Color: Blue
    Awesome pump
    Just amazing. I use it for my home aquariums. The only problem is, I wish I would have bought it sooner. This works so fast. As soon as you press the button, the water starts flowing. Quiet and fast. Nice buy.

    Oct 04,2018