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Home > New Gear > Shanling M2X vs Fiio M6: Full comparation
Shanling M2X vs Fiio M6: Full comparation

Shanling M2X vs Fiio M6: Full comparation

By  Fields Corrielus 2019-09-05 7847 0

Fiio M6 and Shanling M2X are player with the similar prices. And both of them have a qualitative update relatived to the previous generation of I compare Shanling M2X vs Fiio M6 now for you. Let’s have a look.

Shanling M2X vs Fiio M6: Appearance

Shanling M2X vs Fiio M6​ 

Both the Fiio M6 and Shanling M2X use 3.2-inch screens, the front area of the M2X is slightly larger, and the M2X is also thicker and heavier. The M6 can be said to be very lightweight, and the M2X is very portable.

Shanling M2X vs Fiio M6: Specs and Price

Product name

Shanling M2X 

Fiio M6

Bluetooth version


Screen size

3.2 inch

Screen characteristics

320 × 240, LG HD touch screen

480 × 800, 16 million colors

Battery life

10.5 hours

About 13 hours.

Bluetooth version






Fiio M6 and M2X relative to the previous generation of entry-level products Fiio X3III, Shanling M2S, the biggest progress is the use of touch operation, the operation is significantly improved. The difference is that the M6 uses Android and the Shanling M2X uses a non-Android touch system developed by Mountain Spirit itself.

The boot speed on the Shanling M2X is very fast, the interface operation reaction speed is also extremely fast, the disadvantage is the screen resolution is not high, the vision has the obvious grain feeling (this resolution is the reason for CPU, can only reach this level). Shanling M2X built-in cloud music library, specially experienced KuGou, feeling that there are still more problems, in addition to the interface itself has been simplified, the biggest problem is that the reaction speed is relatively slow, click on the menu, music selection and other sometimes very slow, sometimes faster. There is still a gap between APP and Android online music in terms of experience.

The Fiio M6 is slower to boot, and Android is basically the same. Fiio self-optimized Android, intuitive and concise interface, the use of Samsung's CPU, response speed, smooth operation. Running the built-in NetCloud music is no different from experiencing it on your mobile phone. It's smooth. It's just that the screen is a little small, and some small print looks like a lot of effort.

Shanling M2X vs Fiio M6: Sound

In terms of medium and high frequency resolution, the M2X is better than the Fiio M6, that is, the Fiio M6 mentioned above is a softer style. High frequency instrumental music, intermediate frequency human voice, Shanling M2X's sense of reality is obviously stronger. Listen to the male voice, M6 listening feeling is actually very good, more mellow than M2X, female voice is M2X more transparent and beautiful.

The low frequency control force of low frequency Shanling M2X is better than that of M6. M6 low frequency belongs to the general type of quantity sense and dynamic control. The low frequency atmosphere feeling is strong, and it will not be obviously loose, so it is suitable for low frequency control.

Balance port of Shanling M2X: using black oriole + balance line, compared with single port, the width of balance sound field is increased, and the resolution of middle and high frequency is improved. It is really a better choice for balance ports such as symphonic and instrumental music. Listen to the voice. Or a single-ended accent is a little more obvious. This distinction is actually very common, is the common difference between single port and balance port.

Both players have extremely low bottom noise and are suitable for highly sensitive earplugs.


Fiio M6: currently the most lightweight Android portable player, support all kinds of online music APP, two-way Bluetooth, etc., excellent operation, cheap, sound is much better than the average mobile phone, is a good choice to play music instead of mobile phone.

Shanling M2X: highlights the sound level at the price of a thousand dollars and has a balanced output. Its own operating system has the advantages of fast boot speed and sensitive touch operation. There is an online music library, but there is still a big gap between the user experience and Android APP, and I look forward to further improvements in the firmware.

Fiio M6 and Shanling M2X are two distinctive thousand yuan portable players, the comprehensive performance of which has been improved compared with the previous generation of products.

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