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Home > New Gear > 【Reviews】 Best TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds a Cheap AirPods
【Reviews】 Best TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds a Cheap AirPods

【Reviews】 Best TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds a Cheap AirPods

By  Brielle Wilson 2018-05-09 8525 1

A full wireless Bluetooth earbud, named TicPods Free was released in China this year. From the name, would you think TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds is AirPods-style earphone?

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Exquisite workmanship in charging bay | delicate touch

Compared to the AirPods, the price of TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds is very tempting as $78.38 in China. With almost 1/3 price of AirPods, you can enjoy the same experience, furthermore, TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds can also be adapted to Android phones. Today we come to experience what kind of advantages this high-value, ultra-lightweight Bluetooth headset has.


TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds


TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds has a charging compartment for the convenience of incorporating headphones. When not in use, the headphones can be placed on the inside for charging. The design of the small box also makes the headset easier to carry and is not easily lost. The entire charging bay is very finely polished and has a very delicate feel in the hands. The vertical stripe design at the top increases the grip, making it difficult to slip in your hands.


TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds charging bay


The two sides of the charging compartment are the charging port and the strap port respectively. The charging port on the right side can charge the charging compartment and the earphone. Since the headset uses two pins for charging, it must be placed in the charging compartment to restore the battery power. With the right side of the strap tied into the bundle, you can suspend the strap on your wrist while exercising to avoid falling from your pocket.


TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds USB


Open the charging compartment, two headphones lying in the box on the left and right, the texture of the cabin with a piano glossy surface design, not the delicate texture of the charging cabin surface after polishing, the perception is very good, but the touch is reduced. The interior of the canopy is made of soft rubber material. If the charging bay accidentally slides down, it can effectively reduce the damage the headset receives in the cabin.


TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds led light


In the design of this charging bay, it can be said that the design of TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds is even better than AirPods, and the compact shape is more convenient to carry, shell material is also more smoothly and not easily slipped.


TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds lightweight

Gesture interaction improves efficiency | Easy to pair

Before use, you first need to download App. In the device column under the app, you can add  TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds. If the headset is charging in the charging compartment, you will not be able to pair with smartphone. You must open the charging compartment and wait. When paired, the headset will interrupt the connection with the mobile phone whenever the user puts any of the headphones back into the charging bay.


Although in the product specification, the touch mode of the earphone has been clearly described, the details of the touch mode of TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds and the wake-up method of various instructions are still marked in detail on the App terminal. For example, when a call comes in, tap the headset twice to answer the call, long press will hang up the call, but when listening to a song or not talking, pressing and holding the headset will wake up the voice assistant.


TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds voice assistant


Each time the user opens the charging bay, the two headsets automatically start searching for the pairing and complete the work before the user wears the headset. When the user puts the smart phone on the ear, the earphone will automatically play the last paused music. If the user picks up the headset, it will continue to use another earphone to play the music after a short pause.

Lightweight and unrestrained | Medium sound quality

After a few days of using, i have to say that TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds is indeed a super lightweight headset. Compared with previous Bluetooth headsets, the full wireless experience seems to completely release the head, without any sense of restraint of the device.


Compared to the AirPods, TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds has a stronger sense of pressure on the ears, mainly because of the different design styles of the two headphones. TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds is in-ear design, and the AirPods are earphones. Although AirPods has a good anti-lost design, but I still prefer to wearTicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds, once the headphones fall from the ear, the wearer will immediately know, and this is AirPods do not have.


TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds medium sound quality


However, in the sound quality of headphones, TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds can only be regarded as a partial lower, and do not say that compared with AirPods, is the same price of Bluetooth headsets, can only be considered a lower body position. When I just took the headphones, I even thought I was actually listening to an old-fashioned FM radio. I totally stuffed the radio's trumpet in my ears, but after a period of running-in, I asked the smart headphones to perform better.


TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds because it is two separate headphones, so it also uses two independent audio sources designed to separate, respectively, with the mobile phone Bluetooth connection, but divided the right ear as the main headset, left ear as a pair of headphones, listening to music When the main headphone sounds often, but the sub-headphone does not sound, it should be caused in some relatively disturbing environments, and often occurs in the same place repeatedly, affecting the mood of the song.


TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds Blue LED


This kind of single-ear stuck case often occurs in all-wireless Bluetooth headsets and is not an example, so it is an acceptable range. However, they are all wireless designs. AirPods will hardly have such incidents. Manufacturers of similar products still need a lot of learning and improvement.


Many people say that this is a tribute to AirPods, but i think otherwise, first of all from the functional point of view, TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds is better than AirPods, touch gestures to join, so that users often do not pick up the phone Especially when driving, riding, washing dishes, etc., when occupying both hands, the gesture interaction of the earphone is particularly important. Plus, this is a full-platform device that can handle iPhones and Android phones at the same time. In terms of openness, TicPods Free Bluetooth Earbuds is better.


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