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Home > New Gear > Honor Band 5 Basketball Version in-depth review
Honor Band 5 Basketball Version in-depth review

Honor Band 5 Basketball Version in-depth review

By  Joe Horner 2019-09-05 5677 0

September 4, HUAWEI Honor officially released the latest professional basketball intelligent sports bracelet: Honor band 5 basketball version. This smart bracelet not only continues the previous generation of Running running posture detection, but also joined the basketball data monitoring, winning the hearts of a large number of basketball enthusiasts. Next, we will give a full review of this Honor Band 5 Basketball version.

Honor Band 5 basketball version 

The Honor Band 5 basketball version has a very small size and is lightweight so that its main body weighs less than 6g. But do not underestimate this small band, the addition of a very professional 6-axis motion sensor, so that the Honor Band 5 basketball version can have a very professional motion monitoring function. Of course, the sports monitoring function is mainly aimed at playing basketball and running.

Basic experience of Honor Band 5 Basketball Edition

Honor Band 5 basketball version has two wearing modes, one is the conventional wrist wearing mode, the other is the sneaker wearing mode, the professional sports monitoring function is mainly aimed at the latter wearing mode. In the Honor band 5 basketball version of the accessories, in addition to the conventional charging head and instructions, but also comes with a band clip, which will be very convenient to wear with sneakers.

Honor Band 5 basketball version 

In conventional mode, the Honor Band 5 basketball version has many of the general functions of a smart band, such as step counting, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminders, and message alerts on various mobile phones.

In order to ensure a good operation experience, Honor Band 5 basketball version provides a touch button on one bottom of the screen, with click and long press two operations, the touch response is very sensitive, the whole operation is also very fast. In addition, the Honor Band 5 basketball version is very small and light, but it has up to 14 days of use and 21 days of standby life, which is absolutely enough for a smart bracelet.

Honor Band 5 basketball version 

Band strap is a feature of the Honor Band 5 basketball version, Honor Band 5 basketball version available in a total of 6 color versions, namely, seagull gray, cherry powder, star yellow, cowboy blue, wanton red, nebulae purple.

The wristband is made of environmentally friendly woven material with an all-in-one design, which is particularly comfortable to wear and will not easily leave an impression on it for a long time. Adjust to a certain size for the first time, every time you use it, you can put it on directly, which is very convenient.

Another mode is the sneaker wear mode, which strips out the main body of the Honor Band 5 basketball version, puts on a small clip for distribution, and tied to the sneakers, which can be directly transformed into a professional sports monitor. Honor Band 5 basketball version can mainly provide two kinds of sports mode monitoring, one is when playing basketball, you can play the whole game to carry on a data statistics. The second is to be able to monitor your posture in real time while running.

Honor Band 5 basketball version 

6-axis motion sensor

The reason why the Honor Band 5 basketball version can do these, mainly lies in the addition of six-axis motion sensor. The six-axis motion sensor is a three-axis gyroscope based on the three-axis acceleration sensor, which can measure the translation and rotation of the object in space, so it is also known as the six-degree-of-freedom motion sensor.

When the product is only equipped with three-axis acceleration sensor, the amplitude and period of acceleration can be monitored, so that the step can be realized, but the attitude change can not be reflected accurately.

Compared with the three-axis acceleration sensor, the three-axis gyroscope added to the six-axis motion sensor can sense the angular velocity along the X/Y/Z axis respectively. Therefore, the six-axis sensor can not only calculate the period of motion, but also calculate the rotation angle of the object in space, and then reflect the accurate attitude change of the object in the moving state.

Friends who like basketball should know that although the Warriors lost the NBA Finals in 2019, their performance is still impressive. The Warriors' main player, Durant, was injured in the 2018-2019 Western Conference semi-finals, and surprisingly, the Warriors played very well and skillfully.

The reason why the substitutes have such a good performance, because the Warriors used two high-tech products to assist training. The first is that the simple understanding of SportVU, is a system device that can capture the movements of athletes in real time. The second is that MOCAP, is a big data processing and decision-making tool. In the era of big data, whoever can make good use of the technology will be able to master the first opportunity, and today's Honor Band 5 basketball version, which is similar to the Warriors' system, is to improve the training effect through detailed data collection and analysis. The Honor Band 55 basketball version is just a simplification.

Honor Band 5 basketball version 

Honor Band 5 basketball version basketball mode experience

First of all, let's take a look at the basketball mode. All the information and data are displayed in the APP on the mobile phone. The data that can be recorded in Honor Band 5 basketball version include: vertical jump times, vertical jump height, take-off time, movement speed, movement time, movement distance, heat, steps, active time. The recorded data is very detailed, through these data, on the one hand, you can have an understanding of each movement, on the other hand, it is also convenient for yourself to make adjustments.

Compared with the ordinary bracelet, the, Honor Band 5 basketball version allows you to fully analyze normal basketball games, rather than just simple calorie and speed information, which is the difference between professional devices and ordinary devices. Overall, the, Honor Band 5 basketball version feels like a really useful professional device.

Basketball data in addition to some conventional data, mainly concentrated in two aspects, one is the average vertical jump height, the other is the average take-off time. These two speeds are relatively important. When the two data deviate, the APP will also give the corresponding correct training methods to improve the skills in this area.

At the end of the game, through the Sports Health APP, you can see the comprehensive score, bounce score, movement score, sprint score, maximum acceleration score and lower limb strength score, and share them with friends. At the same time, it also supports initiating groups to compete with the same group of users for individual or comprehensive scores, so that sports have more social attributes.

Honor Band 5 basketball version 

Honor Band 5 basketball version running mode experience

Honor Band 5 basketball version also supports running mode, seven running posture parameters analysis, including landing time, landing mode, landing impact, stride frequency, stride, valgus amplitude, swing angle. Whether the running posture is correct or not is actually very important. The correct running posture can prevent you from getting hurt during exercise, and at the same time, it can also make your exercise more effective. A lot of people say, isn't running easy? In fact, it is not simple at all, for ordinary people, often need professional coaches to guide and observe, but this cost is the vast majority of people can not afford, now, this work can be handed over to the Honor Band 5 basketball version.

Honor Band 5 basketball version 

Other features about Honor Band 5 basketball version

A few small details are worth noting. First, in sneaker mode, what if you want to know more about other data at any time? The Honor Band 5 basketball version supports dual device connectivity, when wearing a bracelet, both of which can work at the same time. Secondly, the, Honor Band 5 basketball version supports 50 meters of waterproofing, reaching this waterproof level, and it is even more arbitrary when it is used on a daily basis. Finally, Honor Band 5 basketball version in sneaker wear mode, six-axis motion sensor combined with high-precision attitude fusion algorithm, can accurately measure the user's stride and stride. Without the help of GPS, the accuracy of running distance calculation is still as high as 97%, more than the same bracelet on the market.

Honor Band 5 basketball version​ 


On the basis of intelligent bracelet, Honor Band 5 basketball version has taken another step towards the subdivision of professional sports. Judging from the results of the current experience, this step has been very successful. Light enough, stylish enough to look good, it is not only a smart bracelet that can help you with your life, but also a professional device that can provide professional analysis and guidance to your sports data.

Finally, the target users of the, Honor Band 5 basketball version are actually very clear, mainly three groups of people, one of which is basketball enthusiasts, hoping to improve their technology through some professional auxiliary equipment. Also let oneself know each movement; The other is runners, which are actually a group of people with a wide age distribution. Another kind is that the family has parents who are in adolescence, giving their children as a gift, can not only help children improve exercise efficiency, but also correct the wrong exercise posture.

If you want to have a device to guide sports more efficiently and professionally, the Honor Band 5 basketball version will be an excellent choice for you.

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