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Home > How To > Xiaomi Body Fat Scale  FAQ
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Xiaomi Body Fat Scale  FAQ

Xiaomi Body Fat Scale  FAQ

By  Niki Jones 2018-12-21 28025 0

Nowadays, young people are becoming more concerned about their bodies and like to keep track of their weight change. Xiaomi Body Fat Scale as a smart weight scale,which can measure your body weight accurately and quickly. Today, I will introduce some operation instructions and some common problems and corresponding solution.

Xiaomi body fat scale

1. Xiaomi body fat scale :specs


Product name
Xiaomi Body Fat Scale
Screen size
30 x 30cm
Product dimension
30.00 x 30.00 x 1.50 cm / 11.81 x 11.81 x 0.59 inches
Product weight
1.6300 kg
Weight range
5 - 150kg
Unit of weight
jin / kg / lb
Scale diversion valve
Body material
Operating temperature
0 - 40 Deg.C
Power supply
4 x AAA battery
Support Bluetooth
Bluetooth 4.0


Error value:

5kg-50kg:maximum 0.15kg  (150g,0.3jin,the scale is 0.1 kg)

50kg-100kg:maximum 0.3kg

100kg-150kg:maximum 0.45kg

2. How to install the battery of Xiaomi body fat scale ? (AAA battery)

Please open the battery storage lock under the body fat scale, as shown in the figure, just put the battery in accordance with the positive and negative poles;

instaling the battery 

3. The equipment requirements of Xiaomi body fat scale ?

 The device of Android system 4.4 with Bluetooth 4.0 and the device of iOS 8.0 or above version. 

4. How to weigh by holding a baby?

Open Xiaomi MI Fit App > click big circle > after entering the test interface, click "holding the baby for weighing" at the bottom and then follow the prompts to operate.

Note: It supports the function of holding the baby for weighing, and only records the baby's weight without body fat analysis. (the link of Xiaomi MI Fit App is for Android phones, and the link of Xiaomi MI Fit App is for iPhones)

5. How to set weight goals for Xiaomi body fat scale ?

Open Xiaomi MI Fit App >click "my" > select "sports target" >  select "reset" to modify.

6. How much data can the body fat scale record when the phone is not synchronized?

The scale can store more than 500 groups of complete users’ weighing information, including weighing time, weight value, etc, and the cycle coverage starts from the first record after the storage is completed.

7. The body fat curve test of Xiaomi body fat scale varies greatly?

Keep the measurement at the same time and under the same conditions every day, basically the measurement data will not fluctuate too much; If the difference is very big, it is recommended to put it on a flat and hard ground and reinstall the battery of the body fat scale.

8. The surface of the dirty shell is hard to wipe?

Please wipe the surface of body fat scale with wet cloth and mild detergent. Do not touch organic solvent and other chemicals.

9. Xiaomi body fat scale binding always tip failure?

(1) If the binding fails, please try to stand on the body fat scale before binding;

(2) Restart the Bluetooth of the mobile phone before binding again;

(3) Rebind the phone after restarting it;

(4) When the battery of body fat scale runs out of power, it may be unable to bind. Please change the battery of body fat scale and then bind again.

(note: if you have attached other mobile phones, and the previously bound mobile phone is right beside you, you can try to turn off the Bluetooth of the previous mobile phone and try again.)

10. How to manually record the weight of Xiaomi body fat scale?

Open Xiaomi MI Fit App > click the big circle > select "remember weight" button. Select the corresponding weight value at will.

11. How to delete the data of Xiaomi body fat scale?

Open Xiaomi MI Fit App> click big circle > select "delete" button.

12. How to unbundle the Xiaomi body fat scale?

Open the Xiaomi MI Fit App > select "my" interface > select " Xiaomi body fat scale" > click "unbind" > select"continue to unbind" > bind successfully.

13. Xiaomi body fat scale cannot synchronize data to Xiaomi sports app?

If the data cannot be synchronized to the Xiaomi MI Fit App, please try the following methods:

(1) Please light up the screen on the body fat scale and then open the Xiaomi sports APP for data synchronization;

(2) Open Xiaomi MI Fit App, then scale up, and then scale down after the weight value flashes for two times.

If you still cannot synchronize, please try to turn on Bluetooth again and then synchronize according to the above method.

14. What if the body fat scale firmware upgrade has failed?

Please switch on the phone Bluetooth to try, then restart the phone to try, and finally reinstall the body fat scale battery to try.

(note: iOS phones can be unpaired by setting Bluetooth, and then try firmware upgrade after matching again.)

15. Does Xiaomi body fat scale need charging? How long will it last?

(1) It doesn’t need to charge, just install the built-in Nanfu AAA  alkaline battery;

(2) Under the condition of full power, it can be used for about 8 months by measuring 3 to 4 times a day. The standby time will vary due to the different usage of each person.

16. How to share my body fat data?

Open Xiaomi MI Fit App > click the big circle on the homepage >click the button on the upper right corner, and share it to WeChat, Weibo, QQ and other software.

17. What is the meaning of the prompt sign for body fat scale?

When weighing, the "L" pattern flashes to indicate low battery power. Please replace the battery in time;

When weighing, the "OL" pattern flashes, indicating that the weight exceeds the maximum range of 150kg.

(note: the process of testing body fat and upgrading firmware is shown in the form of progress bar)


18. why the body fat scale without LED display?

This situation is generally caused by the exhaustion of battery power, please try to replace the battery in time.

19. Why is the weight measured before and after meals unchanged?

People's weight may fluctuate in a small range throughout the day. The algorithm adopted by body fat scale will filter out invalid weight changes caused by internal water or the weight of food itself, and retain more reference data. It is recommend to weigh before meal each morning.

20. why placed on different floors, the data will be different?

The sensor of Xiaomi body fat scale is highly sensitive. When measuring, the body fat scale should be placed on a solid and flat ground. If the ground is not flat or placed on soft ground such as blankets and foam, the data will be inaccurate and there will be differences.


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