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Home > How To > Questions and answers about Xiaomi TV home theater surround speaker
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Questions and answers about Xiaomi TV home theater surround speaker

Questions and answers about Xiaomi TV home theater surround speaker

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-16 4287 0

Xiaomi Home Theater supports 360° stereo surround sound, supports karaoke, built-in massive video content, and PatchWall artificial intelligence system. This article aims to solve the problem of murmur and broken sound in Xiaomi home theater surround speakers.

Xiaomi TV home theater surround speaker 

The solution to the problem of noise and disconnection around the speaker in Xiaomi home theater.

1. Verify that the host software version number and dongle (wireless transceiver) and the version number around the speakers are up to date, and if not, upgrade to the latest version.

2. Plug out the dongle and the surround speaker to see if the reboot is normal. There are known problems that will cause the surround speaker to keep exploding, and restarting the surround speaker can be solved.

3. Watch if the light around the speaker flashes, and if so, indicate that the surround speaker receives a bad signal. The following checks can be performed: (the surround speaker indicator does not flicker significantly, but the above two steps do not improve, or you can continue with the following steps.)

(1)Check that if the dongle (wireless transceiver) is obscured by metal or thicker obstacles (such as walls, TV screens), and affects signal transmission, and try to ensure that there are more clearance areas next to dongle.

(2)Check the top of the surround speaker and make sure it is not obscured by metal or thicker barriers.

(3)Plug out the dongle and the surround speaker to see if the reboot is normal

(4)Try to see if the surround main speaker can be improved near the dongle. If there is any improvement, the signal transmission quality problem may be caused by the 5G Wi-Fi interference, or the dongle or the surrounding speaker may have hardware problems.

(5)Confirm that there is a 5G Wi-Fi AP open around the main speaker. If so, select the TV host's network connection to the 5G AP to see if it can be improved. Or temporarily shut down the 5 g Wi-Fi router to see if there is any improvement.

(6)The left and right surround boxes can be switched to keep the main surround speakers away from 5G Wi-Fi devices. Make sure 5G Wi-Fi AP is within 2 meters of the recommended distance around the main speaker. You can also adjust the antenna angle or direction of the AP to see if there is any improvement.(Note that it is not just 5G AP that potentially interferes with the surround speaker. Devices that use 5G Wi-Fi to access the Internet, such as mobile phones, pad, computers, etc., also emit 5G signals to generate interference sources.)

(7)If none of the above tests can be solved, try moving the mainframe and surround speaker to another room to test is there is an improvement. If there is, it shows that there are unknown 5G interference signal sources in the original room.


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