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Home > How To > How to solve the problem that the mobile phone SIM card cannot be read?
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How to solve the problem that the mobile phone SIM card cannot be read?

How to solve the problem that the mobile phone SIM card cannot be read?

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-29 7281 0

The mobile phone SIM card can't be read, what should I do? Restarting the phone, and re-insert the SIM card, but still not work. Don't panic, check this post first!

 mobile phone SIM card can't be read

Step 1: Make sure if it's a SIM card problem?

If restart the mobile phone, re-insert the SIM card and other steps are useless. Just find your friend's phone card and put it in your cell phone. If you can read it, it is the card is broken; you need to go to the business hall to make up the card.

Step 2: Confirm if the mobile phone is malfunctioning

Put your phone card in your friend's cell phone and try it. If it can be read, it may be that the cell phone card slot is damaged, or it may be that the cell phone system has problems. Don't rush to the repair shop; try the following methods to see if it can be solved.

Step 3: Upgrade mobile phone system

Go to the settings and see if the mobile system is the latest version. Try upgrading the version first. If it is invalid, please look down.

Upgrade mobile phone system 

Step 4: Restore factory settings

There is also a problem with the base-band (a BIOS specializing in communications) that the phone can't read SIM. If the mobile phone system is upgraded in peacetime and the base band is not brushed properly, there will be bad signal or no SM card failure, and then you can restore the factory settings to try.

Before restoring the factory settings, we can back up the important information of the mobile phone, such as address book, short message, photos, etc., in order to avoid the risk of data loss. After backup, you can go to the settings menu to restore the factory settings.


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Step 5: Mobile phone brush

Note that if you are a mobile phone enthusiast, you can download the "full package" of the corresponding model on Vivo's official website for brushing.

However, different types of brushers have different packages, and there may be differences in operation methods. Brushing machine has a certain risk. If you don't know much about it, go to the mobile phone after-sales for maintenance or system cleaning.



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