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Home > How To > How to send a scheduled SMS and email on Android, Xiaomi, Samsung and iOS?
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How to send a scheduled SMS and email on Android, Xiaomi, Samsung and iOS?

How to send a scheduled SMS and email on Android, Xiaomi, Samsung and iOS?

By  Oleg Romanenko 2019-01-11 11932 0

There are situations when it is necessary to send an important message at a certain time. For example, a reminder about dinner to your partner exactly one hour before the meeting, or automatic birthday greetings or anniversary. This way you will avoid unwanted conversations that begin with the phrase “have you forgotten?” Here we’ll talk about how to send a preset SMS and email on Android, Xiaomi, Samsung and iOS device.

sending a scheduled SMS on Android phone

Using the App to send a scheduled SMS and email on Android phone

We are all busy with our business and we have the ability to forget, so some free Android and iOS applications will help you to avoid many problems. Thanks to the following applications you can schedule a message to be sent in advance.

1. Do It Later

This application is the best modern SMS planner. Do It Later has a simple and convenient interface. You need to select the recipient of the message, enter the message itself, the date and time, and then save. If the smartphone has two SIM cards, then you can choose which one to use to send the message.

Do It Later 

Moreover, you can schedule to send not only SMS, but also email Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and post on social networks Facebook and Twitter.

2. Alpha Messaging

The developers of this application call it "smart personal SMS assistant". Alpha Messaging can automatically send SMS messages at a set date and time, as well as automatically respond to incoming calls and SMS messages. Scheduled SMS messages are named Events.

Alpha Messaging 

Very convenient and simple application. It may even be too simple but Alpha Messaging does what is required of it excellently.

3. Schedule SMS

This application is practically no different from the two above, with the exception of one feature: the ability to listen a scheduled message.

Schedule SMS 

The Schedule SMS interface is pretty clean and nice, I don't have any complaints. The only flaw that I found is that you can send an SMS message on a schedule, but there is no possibility to set a re-send message.

4. SMS Planning

All applications in this article are fast and easy to use, but SMS Planning is truly the fastest of all, because it is pretty darn simple.

SMS Planning 

One nice feature - you can view all sent messages. This way, you can check when and to whom the application sent a message.

Please note that SMS Planning uses the SIM card which is installed by default on your Android smartphone. Therefore, if you want to send a message from another SIM card, then you need to change the default SIM card in Android settings.

Using Xiaomi and Samsung smartphone to send SMS automatically

In addition to sending scheduled SMS messages through the App, many mobile phone systems have added scheduled  SMS functions, such as Xiaomi phones and Samsung phones.

Send a message at a specified time on Xiaomi smartphones

First, open the Messages application and write the required text. After the text is written, click on the "+" near the field for entering a message and see a list of available options, one of them will be the "Timer". Clicking on this button we get into the window for selecting the date and time of sending the message. Install them and click on "OK". If the recipient has not yet been selected, then select it (or several) and click on the button to send the message. All SMS will be sent at a specified time and you do not have to think about sending it yourself.

Automatically send SMS on Samsung

Especially for such purposes in Samsung Galaxy S9 there is a function of scheduled sending. To find it, you need:

● Open "Messages" and enter any of the dialogs.

● In the lower left corner you will see a cross. After clicking on it, the add images panel will appear.

● On it, on the right, there is an icon in the form of three points. Tap on it

● In the panel that opens, the "Schedule Send" item appears.

Send deferred mail on iPhone and iPad

Unfortunately, the standard mail client does not know how to send letters at exactly the appointed time. Therefore, we use the alternative. Download Spark from Readdle. The application is absolutely free and is an advanced email client. After installation, you need to set up an email account in Spark. Then, when writing letters, click on the icon in the lower right corner. The application offers several standard time options, but you can set any date and time.

The bottom line

Now, surprise and greetings won't be absent, you can't miss the important date via sending a scheduled SMS and email on your smartphone. What can be confirmed is that more and more Apps will support this function, also the phone system will add this message feature, and you will have many choices to make your life more beautiful.


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