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Home > How To > How to select a phone memory card?
How to select a phone memory card?

How to select a phone memory card?

By  Steve Lowry 2018-10-30 9026 0

The memory card is a key part of the electronic device. At present, most mobile phones support extended memory. How to choose a correct memory card?

Phone SD card

Memory card type

Memory card can be divided into SD card, Mini SD card, and TF card. The TF card has now been renamed to Micro SD (miniature SD card). Be careful not to confuse the Mini SD card with the Micro SD card. Generally speaking, only SD cards and TF cards are used, but when using some old devices or special devices, please check the type of memory card used.


For example, SONY's PSP console uses a special memory card called MS card. Some older high-definition cameras support the Mini SD card instead of the TF card. However, the TF card can be turned into SD card or Mini SD card through the card rack, so the general selection of TF card and the appropriate card rack can be.

Memory size requirement

Depending on the requirements, the card size can be used in different environments. Choose sizes according to your needs to avoid unnecessary waste.

Identity recognition

● Type identifiert: Common type identifiers are SD card and TF card. As the two cards look quite different in size, it is difficult to mistake.


● Storage specification identification: Storage specifications are divided into HC and XC, HC up to 32G and XC up to 512G.


● High speed transmission protocol interface: The Numbers above, like those in the letter U, are the versions of the transport protocol that support high-speed transmission. But the sign only indicates whether the card is supported, not the actual speed of the card

Read-write speed standard

The read-write speed standard has many ways to mark it. See the picture below


memory card speed and class


A1 logo

Among them, the special one is the A1 mark, which means that there is excellent processing for random storage, can get better speed when using mobile devices such as mobile phones.


A1 memory card


Under normal circumstances, the reading and writing speed of the mobile phone is not up to standard reading and writing speed, because the reading and writing of the data is likely to be random or fragmented. At this time, the test cannot be conducted according to the writing speed of continuous file reading and writing, while the standard A1 can guarantee that the speed will still be maintained in the case of random reading and writing. In other words, if frequent and trivial reads and writes on the memory card, then the A1 card will be much faster than the card without A1 identification.


Both U3 and Class10 logos appear at the same time

Some manufacturers' cassettes will have both U3 and Class10 logos, such as this Verbatim TF card


U3 and class 10 card


Because the Verbatim card has an U3 write speed when the speed increase, but the reading speed is still 90MB/s at Class10 level, so please note the specific speed of the card when double signs appear (usually written on the card's packaging box).


False card identification

There are memory cards that randomly mark the speed on the market. But all are some miscellaneous card, please buy carefully.

false card

As shown in the figure above, HC logo only supports 32G memory card. Why is 256G shown above? Through the identification mark, we can be very convenient to see the false card.


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