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Home > How To > How to prolong the cell phone battery life?
How to prolong the cell phone battery life?

How to prolong the cell phone battery life?

By  Linky Johnson 2018-12-06 5115 0

If the mobile phone is used for a long time, it will generally appear that the durability of the battery is getting shorter and shorter. Is there any effective way to prolong the battery life of the mobile phone?

the durability of the battery is getting shorter 

In theory, now mobile phones are basically using lithium batteries, and the loss of lithium batteries itself is irreversible, so after a year or two, it is basically impossible to restore the performance of the factory. But we can use other methods to restore it to its best performance and extend its service life.

Why is cell phone life getting shorter and shorter?

Android system is mainly based on the battery voltage to determine whether there is electricity, and battery voltage identification mode is divided into two kinds:

Software Recognition: The percentage of cell phone power display under normal power-on charging condition;

Hardware Recognition: The percentage of the cell phone's power display when it is charged off;

The two voltage recognition modes are slightly different, and the software identification voltage is higher than the hardware identification voltage. So after using the mobile phone for a period of time, there will be a different situation between on-line charging and off-line charging. For example, the on-line charging display is 100% full, but when you turn off and connect the charger again, you find that the power display may only be 80% or 90%, not 100%. That is to say, your mobile phone is not fully charged at all, and the mobile phone's life will naturally become shorter.

the different power display

Solutions to this issue:

Knowing what the problem is, it's easy to prescribe the right medicine.

1. Turn on the cell phone when charging it until it is full, and then pull it out;

2. Turn off the phone and continue to connect the charger to charge until it is full.

3. That's what really charges the cell phone.

But after all, we can't turn off every time we charge, so there's another way:

That's when you run out of power on your cell phone. Remember, it's for automatic shutdown! Then charge it when the power is off until the display is 100% full. Do not turn it on during the charging process. After this filling, you can turn on the charger and fill it later.

charging the battery to full 

How to restore the best performance of the battery?

When Android mobile phone is in use, the system will automatically record the battery information. When the mobile phone battery is used for a period of time, because of long-term irregular use (such as unplugging without full charge), the battery information recorded by the mobile phone system will gradually deviate, or the record is incomplete, so it is easy to record errors. Actually, the battery still has electricity, but the system may be powered down automatically by default.

So, how can the system re-record the complete battery information, correct the battery, and restore the best performance of the battery?

1. In the normal boot-up state, the mobile phone is charged and unplugged.

2. Then shut down, plug in the power supply and continue to charge, so that the phone is charged again, and then unplug the power supply;

3. Turn on the phone and shut down the phone immediately after it has fully entered the system.

4. Connect the charger at this time and wait for a period of time to make the cell phone absolutely full of electricity.

5. After unplugging the power supply, it can be used normally.

At this point, you will find that the mobile phone's endurance has been improved in an instant.



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