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Home > How To > How to optimize and perform your AMD Ryzen CPU?
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How to optimize and perform your AMD Ryzen CPU?

How to optimize and perform your AMD Ryzen CPU?

By  Matthieu Andre 2019-01-07 24640 0

Need a faster processor for your games? Since processors became powerful featuring new technologies, overclocking can optimize and stabilize them. Major concern for gamers in term of speed, AMD Ryzen CPU is one the top leading in this field. So, how to overclock an AMD Ryzen CPU? Here are a few tips helping you to overclock it.

AMD Ryzen CPU 

What is AMD Ryzen CPU?

Before going through tips, it is necessary to explain what is an AMD Ryzen CPU. AMD Ryzen CPU is a brand name of latest AMD processors and one of the fastest processors bringing major performances for gamers. That is because an AMD system can run simultaneously up to 6 cores and 12 threads, and lead to a SMT technology (Simultaneous Multi Threading), boosting operations for more cores. Different versions were developed and offer competitive prices for gamers, exceling performance and graphics. Featuring new improvements on intra-processor, an AMD Ryzen can make the CPU cooler and make each core self-sufficient, consuming therefore less power and allowing gamers to overclock it.

How to overclock an AMD Ryzen CPU?

1. Clean up your CPU

To improve the efficiency and performance of your processor, cleaning is the first important step. Indeed, it will provide you a high speed and cooler your system. This will result by each core and thread being pulsed simultaneously through the technology once you cleaned it efficiently. For some occasions such as video games, the AMD Ryzen CPU will give you a better productivity and smooth gaming experience. Some ways to clean up the AMD Ryzen CPU are typical and are shown cf-below:

Step 1. Open your processor.

Step 2. Rerouting cables.

Avoid cleaning liquid which are not efficient. If you want to fully perform your CPU, choose an air cooler which can optimize your AMD and ventilate it. Your CPU will therefore be cleaned and operational.

Open AMD Ryzen CPU  

2. Prepping your system

Once you cleaned up, install software such as AMD Ryzen Master Utility to overclock your AMD Ryzen CPU. That will benchmark your CPU by analyzing and testing it, avoiding any errors and striving for excellence. By customizing or choosing by default your settings such as a lower resolution, the software will save energy on your CPU and consume less power. For further instructions on your software, please consult the motherboard manufacturer's website.

AMD Ryzen Master Utility  

3. Update bios

Your software downloaded may recommend you to update bios, helping you to analyze and detect any errors on your AMD Ryzen CPU. Their role improves your cooling system, and generally performs your CPU once the static and stress tests are completed. To update them on your AMD Ryzen CPU, please follow steps:

Step 1. Open your software and  Hit F7.

Step 2. Enter your advanced modes.

Step 3. Update bios.

Step 4. Reboot your device.

Update bios 

In parallel, you can download the latest version on the official website providing a powerful performance to your CPU with your custom settings. You can easily extract the file (.CAP) and patch it to your software. Make sure you reboot your device before overclocking your processor. Major improvements will be due stabilizing your CPU.

download the latest version on the official website 

4. Adjust your voltage and CPU core ratio

Your cores and threads keep running at a constant speed and require a well-balanced to perform your processor between voltage, multiplier and heat. Adjusting your processor by setting up the right voltage, temperature and multiplier will improve your processor's speed, efficiency, system monitoring and thus, its lifecycle. But it may affect your processor and lead to an eventual overheat or surcharge. If you don't adjust it, cores and threads may not be able to fully operate your ADM Ryzen CPU as it require a perfect match with a temperature below 85 degrees, and a voltage around 1.35V-1.37V. Therefore, make sure you adjust your settings correctly before overclocking it.

Adjust your voltage and CPU core ratio 

5. Set your memory settings

Finally, if you followed the previous steps, you will be able to set your memory settings. Helping to improve your CPU performance, it will allow to your processor having a smooth stability running with Bios update and equalizing its frequency, and timing. Overclocking by setting your memory too high may cause damage to your processor, reducing its reliability and efficiency. The functionalities fetched in your advanced options may not fully operate your processor since your core and thread require a balance to co-match. To smoother and stabilize your processor, please follow steps:

Step 1. Open your software.

Step 2. Set Direct Over Clock Profile.

Step 3. Tap on Memory Settings.

Memory settings can be set and control at 2400MHz-2933Hz for better performance, bringing you a smooth gaming experience while you overclock it.

Memory settings  

The bottom

To conclude, having a full AMD Ryzen CPU operational may be challenging while you are overclocking it. Steps are straightforward and synchronized.


Firstly, clean your CPU efficiently and be cautious while you open it. Secondly, download your software before overclocking it and custom your settings.  Thirdly, keep update your Bios to excel performance and stability into your CPU. Fourthly, keep a well-balanced by adjusting the voltage, temperature, and multiplier to monitor your system on real-time. Finally, set your memory settings to boost your processor. Cores and threads will therefore operate functionally giving you the technology and experience indeed, and prevent you from any damages.


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