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Home > How To > How to maintain cell phone battery?
How to maintain cell phone battery?

How to maintain cell phone battery?

By  Steve Lowry 2018-10-29 6515 0

The endurance of mobile phones is the most important thing when people choose to buy mobile phones. How to maintain cell phone batteries? This article gives you some tips.

low battery

Three possibilities for mobile phones which don’t charge:

1. It’s been used too long and reached the cycle of charging and discharging, so the battery should be replaced.


2. The batteries which were purchased made of inferior batteries, and it was easy for the internal short circuit to show that the battery was full when it was charged, or that cannot be identified and charged because of the damage.


3. Charging method problem: you can see whether the directly charged contact plate has proper contact with the battery, change the position (there are several contacts on the battery, try them in pairs), or press the switch on the charger (some may move), it may be ok.


How to maintenance the phone battery?

Cell phone batteries are now lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are completely different from nickel batteries. You can charge a lithium-ion battery at any time you want, as opposed to a nickel battery. To maximize its performance, it must be fully discharged before it can be charged and it must be fully charged.


charge the phone battery


● The life of lithium battery is related to the completion times of charging cycle, which is not directly related to charging times. A charging cycle means that the battery is fully charged and then fully charged. This is not the same thing as charging once.


● For each charging cycle, the charge will be reduced a little. However, the reduction is very small, with high-quality batteries still retaining 80% of their original charge after multiple cycles, which is why many lithium-ion products are still in use after two or three years. Of course, lithium battery life will eventually need to be replaced.


Lithium-ion batteries typically have a lifespan of 300-500 cycles. Another way to think about it is that the life of a lithium battery is related to the total charge of the battery, not to the number of charges. The effects of deep and shallow charges on the life of lithium charge are not much different. In fact, shallow discharge and shallow charge are more beneficial for lithium electricity. Only when the power module of the product is calibrated for lithium electricity, will deep release and deep charge be necessary.


● Products powered by lithium electricity do not have to be stuck in the process, and they should be charged at any time with convenience first, without worrying about affecting their life.


● The operating temperature is really bad for lithium battery, namely above 35 ° c environment using lithium electricity, if at that temperature, it will be more damage in the battery when we charge the device. If in low temperature environment, namely 4 ° c below used in li-ion battery, also found that the use of the battery time is reduced, some mobile phone original lithium electricity even in low temperature environment not to electricity. But don't worry too much, it's just a temporary situation, unlike the use at high temperatures, where once the temperature rises, the molecules in the battery get warmed up and immediately return to their previous charge.


● to maximize the performance of a lithium-ion battery, you need to use it regularly to keep the electrons in the lithium battery flowing. If you do not use lithium frequently, please be sure to complete a charging cycle for lithium once a month, and do a battery calibration, that is a deep and deep charge.




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