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Home > How To > How to connect with the Anycast/ MiraScreen and WiFi router?
Xiaomi Mi Box S TV Box
How to connect with the Anycast/ MiraScreen and WiFi router?

How to connect with the Anycast/ MiraScreen and WiFi router?

By  Sigismondo Eisenhower 2019-08-21 205892 12

IP addresses and are used to enter the settings of some Miracast TV set-top boxes, also known as Anycast or WeCast, depending on the manufacturer. We haveve already told about how to connect a Anycast to the TV. It's time to see how to connect it to the router and what to do if you can't access the and settings.

Login to settings index.html

We had know how to connect Android / iOS phone to the TV or the monitor and selected it as the source of the menu signal from the remote control. The screen now displays a summary for working with it over a wireless connection.


Here we will be interested in the following data:

● SSID - the name of the wifi you need to connect to in order to broadcast the screen of your smartphone to the TV or make settings

● PSK or Password - key to connect to the device network

● IP - address where the device is logged in to the control panel. It may vary depending on the model. I've most often seen on devices called Anycast and Wecast. Or - from Miracast and Mirascreen.

In order to set up the set-top box in detail and connect it to the router via Wi-Fi, you will first need to connect to the signal using the data specified on the TV screen - by default the name of the set-top box will be "MiraScreen_XXXXXX" - this is how it is displayed in the list of wireless networks on your phone or notebook. The password is also shown on the monitor - it will be a combination of numbers and letters. Often "12345678" is used as it.

You can then either install a branded mobile app if you want to access the settings from your smartphone or open a browser on your computer and enter the ip address of the input or - the exact value for your model will be shown on the TV screen or in the instruction manual. e setting 

Let's go to index.html, i.e. the start page of the administration panel.

The following settings are available for change:

● Internet - here you need to connect to the main wifi router to update the firmware and to be able to broadcast video from the Internet to the big screen. Since the phone's wireless module will be busy communicating with the adapter, the Internet will be accessed via this channel.

● WiFi Password - change the password to connect to the adapter

● Default Mode - broadcast mode - from iPhone or Mac (AirPlay) or Android and Windows (Miracast)

● Resolution - image resolution

● EZAir - type of display - like repeating the monitor or streaming

● Upgrade - Upgrade the firmware of the adapter

Actually, in order to work through the mirascreen console with the Internet, simply connect to the existing Wi-Fi from the main router in the "Internet" section. And it will retransmit it to the devices already connected to it. For example, a phone that plays video from YouTube to the TV.

You can play with the rest, but these configurations are not crucial.

What should I do if my browser does not go to or

As practice has shown, sometimes there is a problem that it is impossible to access the settings page at or I don't rule out that you even tried to write the end of the "index.html" after it, like a regular website, but instead of entering the settings you see a white blank screen.

The most common reason is that you are not connected to the wifi network that the set-top box distributes, but you are in the router network, for example. All you need to do is wirelessly connect to your Smart Cast flash drive.

As another reason I can assume some unexpected mistake in the work of not quite qualitative Chinese equipment Miracast/Anycast, which is now flooded with all the Internet and sold under the guise of famous brands.

In this case, I recommend the following

● Reboot the set-top box or disconnect it from the TV and reinstall it

● Reconnect to the wifi network that mirascreen distributes

● Reset it to factory defaults with the sieve and set it from scratch

● Finally, check that the computer from which you are trying to access the admin's index page in the IPv4 wireless connection properties is set to "machine" to obtain an IP address and DNS servers

After that, 99% of the time it's up to you to make the necessary changes.

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