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Home > How To > How to binge-watch Netflix like a pro?
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How to binge-watch Netflix like a pro?

How to binge-watch Netflix like a pro?

By  Matthieu Andre 2019-01-03 9070 0

Fan of TV shows on Netflix? Since the emergence of streaming services, the way we watch television has changed massively over the last few years. More and more people are using services like Netflix to fly through their favorite shows. Here are a few tips to binge-watch Netflix like a pro.

  watch TV shows on Netflix

1. Get settled

First, you need to choose a right room,and enjoy your TV shows comfortablely. Then,adjust your settings and set up Netflix Party. Below are detail steps:

Choose the right room

Select and pick carefully a place where you are going to watch comfortably your TV shows without any noise and adjust your brightness or volume levels.  Avoid environment such as a bed where you can easily fall asleep in few minutes and prefer a sofa. This will improve your viewing experience as you watch multi episodes on Netflix at a time and finish probably the entire series faster.

Choose the right room 

Be comfortable

Enjoy your TV shows with Netflix Flip Chrome Extension letting you rotate your screen so you can watch comfortably while lying on sofa. Dress in comfortable thin layers and adjust your outfit throughout your binge-watch Netflix. In addition, set your room temperature so that you won't freeze or feel cold and prepare hot drinks or snacks. In any case, wear thick socks, blankets and bring pillows for your neck support.

Be comfortable 

Adjust your settings

To ensure the maximum of sensations on Netflix, set up your settings in HD quality through your TV box or smart TV. Contents will be optimized so that it will deliver you the best streaming experience ever. However, streaming video online requires a lot of data, especially when it comes to high definition or Ultra HD content. By adjusting your Netflix settings, make sure about your internet connection. To adjust your settings, please follow steps:

Step 1. Log into your Netflix account.

Step 2. Select Playback Settings and click High.

Step 3. Tap Save.

Adjust your settings 

By leaving it on "Auto", it will let Netflix decide what quality setting is best based on your internet speed.

Set up Netflix Party

If you are unavailable, find a right time and use Netflix Party to binge-watch like a pro. Netflix Party is a Chrome extension for watching Netflix remotely with friends, family, etc. It will cut down the distance between you and your special someone and will allow you to remotely watch, synchronize the movie and chat.  Creating a session is easy. After you provide and share a link on the session, anyone can watch and mute the video.  However, when someone hits the mute button, playback on everyone's screen will stop.

Set up Netflix Party 

2. Make your choice

Once you settled down, select your movie on Netflix. Do a research about the best TV shows or use Netflix recommendations, showing your previous TV shows watched  or trends. If you want to save time and watch plenty of movies, Netflix developed an internal code to categorize movies into sub-genres such as for example Action and Adventure: 1365. This will allow you to fully watch an entire category or class of movies and give you a stunning experience on Netflix. To make your choice on Netflix, please follow steps:

Step 1. Log in into your Netflix account. 

Step 2. Click here to go to Categories.

Step 3. Enter the category code at the end of URL.

Enter the category code at the end of URL 

After completing the process, you will be able to fully watch your limitless TV shows. In any case, have a back-up movie if you don't like the one you watch.

3. Save time

If you find you want to watch full series and save time, download an extension on Netflix which improve the experience's user. Netflix Pause Removal for example prevents Netflix from asking "Continue watching" every three episodes, and automatically go onto the next one. You can therefore watch comfortably your whole season. On other hand, other extensions such as Skipflix or Never Ending Netflix automatically skip titles and intros, allowing saving you time and watching TV shows at your pace.

download an extension on Netflix to improve the experience’s user  

4. Be productive while watching

Be productive while watching Netflix like a pro. You can also watch on another device while you are multitasks. Netflix offer you a perfect combination by letting you focusing on your own personal interests. Featuring extensions such as Floater Browser Window or Helium for OSX, you will be able to watch a video while surfing on Internet or working. Indeed, a pop-up will display on your screen, letting you watch your movie but it won't interfere with your work or webpage.

Be productive while watching 

5. Protect your password

If you enrolled on a subscription plan, protect your password before you watch your unlimited movies on Netflix. Indeed, freeloaders may hack your account and affect your internet speed, and video quality. By taking a protective measure, that will allow you to watch and experience HD contents over night without any account issue. To protect your password on Netflix, please follow steps:

Step 1. Log in into your Netflix account.

Step 2. Click on the drop down arrow of the webpage - Select Account.

Step 3. Click on Sign out of all Devices and log in again.

Step 4. Click on Option and change your password.

change your password 

Wrap up

To conclude, how to binge-watch Netflix like a pro? Netflix subscribers can choose different solutions to watch limitless TV shows and finish it faster.


Firstly, getting settled is an important step for whom would like to experience Netflix comfortably either with friend or family.


Secondly, selecting movies and knowing Netflix's way of categorizing movies will save you time and offer you the best streaming experience. Also, download chrome extensions to skip automatically intros or titles.


Thirdly, never miss your TV shows on Netflix while you are busy and remote control on another device.


Finally, safety measure must be taken in order to protect your account.




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