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Home > How To > Frequently asked questions of Xiaomi dafang 1080P IP Camera
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Frequently asked questions of Xiaomi dafang 1080P IP Camera

Frequently asked questions of Xiaomi dafang 1080P IP Camera

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-27 27640 0

In order to facilitate the use of users, and initially solve some of the use problems, we sorted out the common problems of Xiaomi dafang 1080P IP Camera and gave them answers.

Xiaomi dafang 1080P IP Camera


QR code can’t be generated on Mi Home when connecting, or can't search WiFi?



Please turn on the network location authority of Mi Home App, and then turn on the GPS location function of your mobile phone, then enter Mi Home App, again to set it up. After the connection is successful, you can turn off the GPS function, which will not affect normal use.



The connection is timeout or failure


If there is a connection timeout, see the following solution.


1. Please check whether the router interception function, blacklist, restriction of access and other functions are blocked or blocked ( Xiaomi router, check in the toolbox - Security Center or anti-collision network).



2. Pay attention to how the generous indicator lights flicker after the APP prompt time-out, yellow-blue flicker for the unconnected router, blue flicker for the P2P server communication abnormality.



3. Checking the above two points, please reset the generosity completely. The method is as follows.



● Power off, and then power on. When the yellow light turns into any light flashing, press the Reset button (about 20 seconds), wait for the indicator to go out or the yellow light to come on again. Don't pay attention to the prompt sound.



● Power off, and then power on again. Wait for the yellow light to turn yellow, press the Reset button for 1-2s to reset it.



● Open Mi Home App. Add equipment, see generous equipment, click on the connection, select WIFI, scan the QR code, the connection can be when choosing WIFI, please re-enter the password.



Note: Please keep Dafang, your mobile phone and router close during connection.



Will Xiaomi Dafang 1080P IP camera destroy the TF card?


A TF card, if it is not for hardware defects, current shock, and short circuit and so on, but for ordinary reading and writing, where to read and write is the same, there is no such saying as "destroy the card".


If everyone is reading and writing, then there is only one difference, that is, the frequency of reading and writing, because this is directly related to the life of TF cards.



Card exception problem, I can say about the logic of the software: basically, it says that there is a sudden error, and then it will go to fsck to repair, if it cannot be repaired, then it will report the card exception. So, all of these logics are at the software level. Real cards can't be written, why can't they be written, it's not controlled by software at all.



In addition, Dafang will read and write cards to the machine every day before leaving the factory. Dafang also has TF card protection patents. Please rest assured that it can be used. However, we still recommend that you use the brand memory card purchased through the regular channel above class 10 in order to prevent the use of expansion card low-speed card from causing losses to you.



Why does the black case get a little fever at night?


Because night vision lights start, infrared beads will heat up. The Dafang smart camera has done rigorous heating test and reliability test. Please feel free to use it.


Why the power consumption doesn't decline at during sleep mode?


During sleep mode, the Dafang smart camera just does not push the message, does not accept App's request to open, does not do motion detection, does not alarm, does not record, does not rotate the platform. It only can quickly receive WiFi opening instructions and quickly wake up. The whole machine is still alive. The WiFi has been working. The temperature will drop. But it is not the real turn off.


Does Xiaomi Dafang 1080P IP camera support multi person watch it simultaneously?



Yes, the camera will be bound to the first Mi Home user who connects the camera. This user can share it with anyone, as long as the person has a Mi Home account number and Mi Home App.



It supports four different mobile phones with different Xiaomi accounts to watch at the same time, and there is no limitation of sharing.



Can video be recorded without the Internet?


There are no batteries in the camera, so the time will be reset after each shutdown.


The camera needs to be synchronized with the network before it can start recording.



After the completion of the right time, as long as the power is constantly on, then the time is correct, so regardless of whether there is a network after that, it can record video.



Does it have PC version?


There is no PC version.


Is Dafang safe?


It not only has Mi Home's security system, but also passes American security certification, financial level encryption, triple data encryption, HTTPS business information encryption transmission, data storage encryption. Please feel free to use it.


Why the camera is offline?


There are many reasons for the offline problem. First of all, please ensure that the original power adapter is used. Then check the signal of the camera network. If the signal intensity of the camera position is low, it may occasionally be offline, or affect the fluency of intranet or remote viewing.


What does the Dafang indicator light stand for?


The yellow light is always on when the machine starts: the machine is in start-up


Yellow light flashing: the machine is in the state of being connected



Blue Flash: outer Network Connection Disconnected (or P2P Server Abnormal)



Blue and Yellow Alternating Scintillation: router Connection Disconnected



Blue light always on: machine connection is normal



Blue and yellow lights are always on at the same time: while the machine is being flashed, please wait



What is the angle and speed of the smart camera?


Horizontal platform can rotate 355 degrees (360 degrees panoramic view), vertical platform can rotate 93 degrees.


The fastest rotate speed: 110 degrees per second, 3 seconds to complete a panoramic view.



Why does the savings flow and high quality look the same?


Because both high quality and low traffic are at the resolution of 1080P, the difference is only that the bit stream is different. The larger the bit stream, the larger the storage space, the larger the traffic consumed. In theory, in the same resolution, the larger the bit stream is, the clearer it is.


Why does it rotate half a circle after the power on, and make the sound of gear jam?


This is its self-checking procedure. After turning to the maximum position, the stepper motor will rotate more than one second to calibrate the positioning. For normal phenomena, please feel free to use it.


How to save the files to router?


1. Xiaomi router (Hard Disk Version or External Hard Disk Version)+TF Card (under 32G)


2. Find its smart camera in the Xiaomi router APP, and then click enter to shut down the whole access.



3. Find the storage board in the Xiaomi router APP. Find the TDDOWNLOAD folder, long press, set to share.



4. Re-enter Mi Home APP, enter its dump settings page, you can open the dump.



Why the U disk cannot be recognized, or something was wrong with the video?



Due to the variety of U disk brands, engineers are stepping up to adapt to more U disk brands, we cannot guarantee that all U disk will be used normally for the time being, we will actively adapt, if there are problems, you can contact us. Thank you for your understanding.



What is gray scale? What is the concept of night vision 18 degrees?


Grey scale represents the level of different brightness from the darkest to the brightest. The more levels, the more delicate the effect of the picture can be presented.


The 18-degree gray scale presents the infrared night vision effect, which is generally said to be darker in black, whiter in white and greyer in grey. Night vision can see more details.



Why the night vision turns white or blur?


Infrared light emits infrared rays to illuminate objects; infrared diffuse reflection is received by the monitoring camera, forming a video image.


When there is an object in front of the lens, or occlusion, or when the lens is against the wall, the infrared light will be over-reflected, which will cause ultra-close diffuse reflection, resulting in blurred white. So when using night vision, please ensure that there is no object occlusion in the 30 cm distance in front of the camera, and there is no object occlusion in the close distance between the left and right sides of the camera.



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