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Home > How To > For Mi Fans: How to use the awesome MIUI 8 screen recorder
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For Mi Fans: How to use the awesome MIUI 8 screen recorder

For Mi Fans: How to use the awesome MIUI 8 screen recorder

By  Zim Watson 2017-02-08 67267 3

How to update Xiaomi phone to MIUI 8? How to get root-free Xiaomi phone screen recorder? This passage can help you make it with ease.

Screen recording provides a whole new world of functionality. However, for Xiaomi smartphone users, this entails ROOTING their phone and downloading a standalone screen recording app. This can be a complicated process with the additional security risk of having a rooted phone. In response, Xiaomi has finally introduced a built-in screen recording function in their latest MIUI 8 version.

 Features of MIUI 8 screen recorder
 What can the MIUI 8 build-in screen recorder do?
 How to use MIUI 8 build-in screen recorder?
 How to get MIUI 8 build-in screen recorder?


Features of MIUI 8 screen recorder

1. Totally root-free to prevent safety issues.

2. Easy-to-use UI panel offers easy operation.

3. Floating Play/Pause Button (invisible in Playback) for simplified control.

4. Supports subtitle adding.

5. Supports recording all on-screen operations including button presses.

6. Browse, playback, edit and share recorded videos.

7. Customizable video resolution, quality and frame rate.

So how exactly do you use the MIUI 8 pre-installed screen recorder? Let's get started.

What can the MIUI 8 build-in screen recorder do?

Simply put, this newly added screen recorder can be used to record all your phone screen operations as videos clips, for example, capturing in-game play, producing a short App Tutorial, website walkthrough, reproducing a bug, and much more. In fact, the number of scenarios and usage cases that can be explored is virtually limitless.


► Only the latest MIUI 8 version pre-installs this screen recorder.

► For now, MIUI 8 is available for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Xiaomi Mi 6, Xiaomi Mi5, Xiaomi Mi Max, Xiaomi Mi Max 2, Xiaomi Mi 4s, etc. Other Xiaomi smartphones will be updated to the MIUI 8 OS soon (steps to update Xiaomi phone to MIUI 8).

► This new screen recorder feature is currently only supported on the China Alpha ROM with Android M/N based devices. However it will soon be available for Beta ROM / Stable users. (Solutions for MIUI 8 unavailable users)

Though there are requirements for both the MIUI version and Xiaomi model, we believe that most Xiaomi smartphones will be able to enjoy this versatile built-in function.

How to use MIUI 8 build-in screen recorder?

Step 1. Your phone OS has now been updated to the latest MIUI 8 firmware, giving you access to the built-in screen recorder. Tap the Screen recorder icon on your Xiaomi phone to launch this app.

Screen recorder firmware

Step 2. After launching the application, you can see the screen below.

screen recorder

Step 3. Click the top right Settings icon, this will let you set the screen recording video's resolution, video quality, frame rate, orientation, sound source, etc. Once you've finished adjusting the settings, return to the app's main interface.

screen recording video resolution

Step 4. Tap the red video icon at the right bottom to start screen recording. You will now see a floating red Start icon on the phone screen. Tap the icon to start screen recording, allowing you to record gameplay, specific procedure inside any app, etc.

start screen recording

Step 5. When you start recording, the Start icon will immediately become transparent and the video length will displayed on the right.

start icon

Step 6. If you want to end screen recording, simply tap the Pause icon.

Step 7. Return to the Screen recorder app, the recorded video will be listed there, together with the video time and size.

recorder video

Step 8. Click on any video to start playback, you can also add any subtitles you want at any of the time nodes.

How to get MIUI 8 build-in screen recorder?

Update to the latest MIUI8 version.

► Enter your Xiaomi smartphone's Settings interface, scroll to the bottom, then tap the following options: About phone -- System updates -- Check for updates.

Update to the latest MIUI8 versionUpdate to the latest MIUI8 version

► The latest MIUI firmware will be pushed OTA to your phone. Simply confirm the notification to update to the latest MIUI 8 version. (If it warns that your data will be erased, please back up your personal data first.)

If your phone model is unable to locate or receive the new MIUI firmware, you can download it directly on your computer from the official Xiaomi MIUI website.

Important: For Xiaomi users who purchased their Xiaomi phone from GearBest, if you update using the following steps, English language will potentially overwrite your local one. Want a powerful screen recording tool without UPDATE or ROOTING? Jump to the last part NOW!

download MIUI 8 ROMs

► Choose your phone model and the ROM version you wish to download.

choose phone model and ROM version

► After downloading, connect your Xiaomi phone to your computer and transfer the firmware update package (ROM) to your phone in a specific folde. Any folder will suffice, just remember which folder you stored the update file in).

► Go back to the "System updates" interface and click the three circles on the right top, tap "Choose update package" and then select the downloaded ROM from your storage folder. The phone will automatically update to the latest MIUI 8 system. Please follow the on-screen prompts.

system updates

If your phone cannot be detected by your PC.

► Enter the phone Settings and then the About phone interface, continually click the MIUI version bar until the Developer options function is unlocked.

about phone interface

► Return to the Settings interface, and select Additional settings -- Developer options -- USB debugging, and activate this feature.

setting interface

► Your phone will be detected by the PC, allowing you to transfer the update ROM to your phone.

transfer update ROM to phone

After all these step, the latest MIUI 8 is installed in your Xiaomi phone now. Of course, the MIUI 8 build-in screen recorder will show up as well.

MIUI 8 build-in screen recorder

So easy, isn't it? Do you love this new added feature? As mentioned before, this feature is still under development and is currently only supported on the China Alpha ROM for Android M/N based devices.

The Beta ROM / Stable users will need to wait a bit longer.

BUT if you want to enjoy the screen recording feature without ROOT right now, we can recommend you 3 awesome Android phone screen recording applications:

AZ Screen Recorder:

AZ Screen Recorder is one of the best phone screen recording apps, reliably recording all your phone screen operations. Most importantly, it does NOT require a rooted phone.

Other brilliant features are: no recording time limit, no watermark, totally ad free, and extremely user-friendly (one action to start/stop recording).

AZ Screen Recorder

Unlimited Screen Recorder:

It's the first and only completely free mobile device screen recording application. With this versatile app, screen recording is easy and fun!

What's more, while you can set predefined recording time, there are no restrictions on video length – so if you have enough phone storage, you can truly go overboard.

Unlimited Screen Recorder

SCR - Screen Recorder:

After a cursory search on the internet, it's clear that SCR Screen Recorder is the single most comprehensive Android device screencast recording app.

SCR Screen Recorder supports all Android versions since 4.0, utilizing the best available encoding method on every platform it works on. Since its release back in early 2013, SCR Screen Recorder commands an excellent reputation with constant development and updates, with new features continually added to this excellent app.

SCR - Screen Recorder

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