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Home > How To > Five tips for shooting surfing for UAV
Five tips for shooting surfing for UAV

Five tips for shooting surfing for UAV

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-22 2678 0

The sport of surfing is full of motion, body movements and spray splashes, and each image is unique. From a photographer's point of view, the advent of the aerial camera has changed how to shoot surfing, and there are five basic points to pay more attention to in order to make an unforgettable short film.

remote control of UAV

1.Pick the right drone

UAV should pay attention to endurance, picture quality and control methods when shooting surfing. The user should choose the UAV with high endurance and 4K video recording function or above when shooting, and the built-in “automatic follow" function must also be used in order to complete the whole surfing screen. In addition, the remote control of UAVs is far better than the control of tablets or mobile phones, because the remote controller has a screen that provides a more accurate angle for the user to understand the shot.

Many UAVs on the market have 4K shooti​ng and automatic following functions.

2.UAV setup

Unless the user is a professional drone operator who has experienced numerous flights, otherwise, when shooting a moving surfer, you can set the exposure to the automatic mode in order to react quickly to the thrilling picture.

Using auto mode allows the photographer to focus more on the target action without distracting from other configurations.

3.Shooting location

When shooting surfing, the best place to operate is certainly the beach. Higher places such as cliffs, headlands, mountains and lighthouses make it harder for photographers to take down drones for filming. On the contrary, it is easy to detect the target with the same level as the target, and it is easy to control the flight.

You should pay attention to the safety of people when taking the drone off.

4.Shooting height

Everyone thinks differently about beautiful photos. The height of capturing the best angle depends, of course, depends on personal preferences. However, if no special composition is required, a minimum safe distance of 10 to 30 feet (about 3 to 10 meters) should be maintained between the UAV and the peak. Protect the UAV from waves or surfers jumping to damage the UAV.

5.shooting angle

When surfers conquer waves, they move left and right. So try to keep the target surfer at the top of the shot. When the surfer slips down, it becomes the center of the picture. While shooting surfing, if you want to enrich the film, you can add a non-surfing lens and other perspective, such as behind-the-scene pictures, character features, beach environment, etc., which makes the film look more professional.


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