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Home > How To > DJI Fly APP user guide: DJI Mavic Mini settings detail instruction
DJI Fly APP user guide: DJI Mavic Mini settings detail instruction

DJI Fly APP user guide: DJI Mavic Mini settings detail instruction

By  Sigismondo Eisenhower 2019-12-04 14701 0

The DJI Fly application is available under iOS and Android to take control of the DJI Mavic Mini. After a large majority of drone being driven by DJI GO and DJI GO 4, it is now the DJI Fly application that is highlighted. As the new APP for DJI Mavic Mini drone, many users don’t know how to operate it. We made a detail introduction about the DJI Fly APP. Let’s have a look!

DJI Fly APP Main page introduction

When you connect your smartphone to the remote control, the application starts automatically. You thus access the home interface which is divided into several parts that we will detail.

DJI Fly APP Main page introduction 

1. Location: Display the map so you can see what surrounds you.

2. Fly Spots: Discover the fun places to fly! This is not available in France at the moment.

3. Help Center: Find first-hand tutorials, feature tutorials, tips, tips for safe flying and the user guide. Once again, at the time of writing, many elements are noted as "soon available".

4. Album: Find your photos and videos recorded in low resolution.

5. SkyPixel: Share your images with the SkyPixel DJI platform.

6. Profile: Access your profile, information and flight data.

7. Camera view: Entry into the flight interface allowing you to control and adjust your Mavic Mini.

DJI Fly APP settings - Location

In order to discover the environment in which you are going to fly, there is nothing like looking at a map. You will see the potential dwellings and public places but especially the restricted areas called NoFlyZones.

The advantage is that you do not have to be on the flight field to view this information. You can, from home, consult the prohibited or limited areas. In addition, you do not need to connect to the drone, you can access the map from the application at any time.

DJI Fly APP settings - FlySpot

Share and discover the flight locations appreciated by other DJI UAV pilots. If you are in a region you don't know, don't worry, the best places will be listed.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, the function is not yet available in France. We hope that it will soon become so.

DJI Fly APP settings - Help Center

DJI Fly APP settings - Help Center

As we said in the introduction, the DJI Fly application has a "help center" category but it is not yet updated.

There are several sections inside, such as video tutorials introducing you to the functions, driving tips, safety instructions and the user guide.

DJI Fly APP settings - Album 

Check out the photos and videos you recorded during your last flights! The images are recorded in low resolution on your smartphone so you can quickly show them to your friends and family or simply to get an idea of their quality.

From the album, you can start editing your images directly in the DJI Fly APP. Preconfigured templates are available to provide you with videos very quickly. With a few clicks you define the images you want to see appear during editing and share them on social networks.

Alternatively, you can choose to customize your assemblies to your liking with the Pro function. You will find many possible settings, such as: cut, color adjustment, volume management, playback speed, time reversal, etc.

DJI Fly APP settings - SkyPixel

DJI Fly APP settings - SkyPixel 

Skypixel is a platform for sharing photos and videos made with DJI equipment. This image bank allows you to find inspiration but also to share your most beautiful images.

DJI Fly APP settings - Profile

DJI Fly APP settings - Profile


Simply consult your profile, you will find information on the flights you have performed, but also links to the DJI forum, the DJI shop, the locate my drone function and the parameters.

In your profile, by pressing "More", you can view the flights you have made with a summary of information such as total distance, flight time and number of flights.

Each flight can be consulted in order to have logs and information. You can view each movement of your drone on a map with information on the status of your drone.

DJI Fly APP settings - Camera view

Certainly the menu you will go to most often, it allows you to start flying with the video feedback of the Mavic Mini. The interface is very clean (compared to DJI GO 4) once you have the return of the camera that is displayed.

DJI Fly APP settings - Camera view 

1. The choice of mode: P (classic mode), S (sport mode) or C (CineSmooth).

2. This area is reserved for warning messages, you will find different alerts.

3. Number of GPS received by the Mavic Mini, here indoors we only receive 3 GPS which is not much but logical.

4. Status of the connection between the UAV and the remote control.

5. Battery life, you can press for more details.

6. Parameters of the application, drone, camera, radio control...

7. Setup button, choice of photo or video modes and access to QuickShot.

8. Photo or video trigger.

9. Access to your "Album.

10. 7Information about the current exposure, the exposure metering mode or access to the manual video mode.

11. Locates your drone in relation to you in order to estimate its positioning.

12. Speed, height and distance to your drone.

13. Map.

14. Automatic take-off function

We will come back to points 6, 7, 10 and 13 in order to complete the information.

Global Parameters

Global Parameters 

Point 6 groups all the parameters and will allow you to customize many functions. Divided into 5 parts, the parameters will act on: security, control, camera, transmission and give you access to information about your drone.



Safety and security

Max. Altitude, Max. Distance, Max. Altitude, Automatic altitude of the RTH, Updating the starting point, Calibration of the compass, Calibration of the IMU, Remote identification, Locate my drone, Advanced settings


Flight mode, Units , Nacelle mode, Calibration of the nacelle, Joystick mode, Calibration of the remote control, Flight tutorials for beginners, Pairing the remote control to the UAV  


Image size (format), Storage status on the microSD card, Advanced settings


Channel used, Channel mode

About us

Name, Model, Firmware of the device, Firmware of the remote control, FlySafe database, Flysafe database for applications, Application version, Number of battery charges, Battery serial number, Device serial number, Serial number of the remote control, Camera serial number

Photo and video settings

You can choose between taking pictures, videos or using QuickShot. In each of these menus, you can use sub-options that we will detail below:

Photo and video settings 

● Photo mode

● Unique

● Interval photo

● Video mode

● 2,7K

● 25 frames per second

● 30 frames per second

● 1080p

● 25 frames per second

● 30 frames per second

● 50 frames per second

● 60 frames per second

● QuickShot mode (find our tutorial to get started with Quickshot)

● Drony

● Rocket

● Circle

● Helix

Exposure information and manual mode

The DJI Fly application offers to control the exposure from the EV menu, and to set or not the exposure measurement from the padlock symbol.

Manual mode is available by clicking on the camera symbol at the very bottom right. Once activated, an M appears, you can now set the ISO and shutter speed.


Several levels of map detail are available from the camera view. Basically, you don't see the card, only a logo appears. If you click on this logo, you get a small card that is placed at the bottom left. If you tap this map again, it will appear in full screen and place your video return in thumbnail format (as above). You will find flight restrictions and much more information.

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