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Home > How To > 5 steps to 3D print a Christmas ornament by yourself
5 steps to 3D print a Christmas ornament by yourself

5 steps to 3D print a Christmas ornament by yourself

By  GB Blog Official 2017-11-27 5598 2

In this post, we give you a few ideas on how to 3D print Christmas ornaments / decorations: whether you want to draw one yourself or use one of the many designs available online.

Christmas ornaments are an important ingredient in whisking up that special holiday atmosphere. As you are just about ready to reach for that carefully tucked away box of holiday tree ornaments, consider adding a few new special pieces to your collection. Instead of purchasing an ornament, try making one together with your family — especially since the new technology is here to help.

holiday tree ornaments

Here's what you need to 3D print a Christmas ornament:

A 3D printer. If you already have on at home, you're in luck. Alternatively, you can visit one of the many makers' spaces with your family to complete the project. And if you find that you've really enjoyed the process, consider getting a home 3D printer for more creative fun.

PLA or ABS filaments. These are the most common types of filaments used in 3D printing — and also the ones that are most easy to work with. If this is your first project, we suggest you stick with the basics and don't yet experiment with more complicated materials. Any color of the filaments would do, but make sure you have the classic holiday white in your arsenal.

colorful filaments

● Computer

● Design software: if you want to create your very own 3D design for the ornament, you will need to use a program like Cinema 4D. This option is recommended for those who already have some design experience, as mastering the software from scratch may get a tad complicated.

● Alternatively, you can make a simple sketch of the ornament you want to create and convert it into the 3D format with an app like Imprimindo3d.

● Finally, round up an enthusiastic team and get started!

How to print a Christmas ornament?

Follow the steps to learn how to 3D print a Christmas ornament:

Step 1. Prepare a Christmas ornament design.

Depending on whether you want to create your own design or use an available one, this step may either very quick or take a bit of time. Here are your options:

● For all first time 3D printers, we recommend using a ready-made design, which you can easily acquire online free of charge. For instance, you can use this cute Snowflake design for your first techy ornament. All you will need to do is download the graphics and upload them into your 3D printing software. Another popular ornament is a Christmas Star — here, you will also be able to choose among several available designs.

Christmas Star

● If you want more participation in the design process, you can try drawing a simple sketch first with any software (like Paint) and using a 3D image converter app like Imprimindo3d to turn the sketch into a workable 3D model. This can make the process a bit more complicated but also fun, as you will get to create a fully-customized Christmas tree toy that will have special meaning for your friends and family. When proceeding to the next step, make sure to set the right dimensions for your 3D object.

● The more advanced option is creating your very own 3D Christmas ornament model from scratch. As mentioned earlier, this is recommended for those who already have some 3D printing experience and are at least familiar with 3D design software like Cinema 4D.

Step 2. Upload the design to printing software and set the dimensions.

When you have successfully downloaded or created your 3D image, upload it into the printing software used by your 3D printer and set the dimensions. Even downloadable designs often give you some customization options: you can change the size of the printed object and, of course, the color of the filament.

Step 3. Prepare for printing your Christmas ornament.

Insert the filament you want to use and feed it through the nozzle. Here, you are free to experiment with color and texture — even though it is recommended to go with the standard plastic ABS or PLA filaments for your first project.

Step 4. Start to 3D print the ornament.

We have approached the most exciting part of the 3D printing process! Hit print and watch your very own ornament take shape. But get ready to be patient: depending on the size you've picked for the ornament, the process may take a while.

Step 5. Finally, perfect your printed Christmas decoration.

Once your holiday ornament is ready and hot off the press, you can add the final touches. Paint the outside of the ornament, make an engraving, glue on glitter, and more!

perfect your printed Christmas ornament

Need inspiration? Take a look at the colorful selection of Christmas ornaments on GearBest.

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