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Home > Buying Guide > 5 best Bluetooth earphones on GearBest
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5 best Bluetooth earphones on GearBest

5 best Bluetooth earphones on GearBest

By  David Tsang 2018-09-10 17227 1

For audiophiles, their love of music is a deeply personal experience. Immerse yourself in audio nirvana with our fantastic deals at Gearbest. Compact, affordable and packed with features, we take a look at 5 of the best Bluetooth earphones currently on Gearbest. Get the audio experience you need at the prices you deserve with our handpicked choices.


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It's never too late to improve your audio to get the most out of your music. New technologies have transformed the way we listen to our audio with wireless connectivity, lightweight design, and affordability existing side by side. With so many Bluetooth earphones to choose from, our useful guide gives you the lowdown on the 5 best Bluetooth earphones currently available at Gearbest.

1.Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM In-ear sports earphone Bluetooth earbuds youth editiont - $19.99

Feature highlights:

● IPX4 waterproof

● Bluetooth: 4.1

● 11 hour long standing battery

● Ultra-lightweight: just 13.6g

IPX4 waterproof of Xiaomi's YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth sports earphones 

A popular option, Xiaomi's YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth sports earphones offer fantastic sound at a superb price. Combining a familiar (minimalist) design language with some great features, these earphones are typical of Xiaomi's high standards. From the sports ear hook to the waterproof design, these lightweight earphones are clearly aimed at fitness enthusiasts and also for casual listeners who want to appreciate their music while on the go. With wireless connectivity, cutting the cord while staying connected to your music has never been easier. Together with an impressive 11 hour battery, the Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth sports earphones are a fantastic choice for music lovers.

Why you should buy it: Xiaomi's premium quality, super long battery and great price.

2.Bluedio TN magnetic Bluetooth earphone - $12.99

Feature highlights:

● Magnetic design

● 12 hours music/call time

● 13mm large drivers for superb bass

● USB Type-C

magnetic design of Bluedio TN magnetic Bluetooth earphone  

Designed for maximum comfort without compromising sound quality, the Bluedio TN magnetic Bluetooth earphone has attracted rave reviews. The wireless earphones offer reliable all-day functionality with a superb 12 hours of music/call time. These comfortable earbuds remain one of our most popular picks offering good sound, build quality and battery life. And while they're crafted to withstand a strenuous workout, these sporty headphones are great for casual listeners too. At this price, good sound does't need to be expensive, making the Bluedio TN magnetic Bluetooth earphone easy to recommend.

Why you should buy it: Comfortable fit, excellent value and sports-focused.

3.Wireless Bluetooth earphone - $10.17

Feature highlights:

● Intelligent (dual) noise reduction technology

● Bluetooth 4.1 for clear transmission

● Ultra-lightweight at just 3.6g

● One Key simple operation

intelligent (dual) noise reduction technology of the wireless Bluetooth earphon  

The most affordable earphone on our list, the Wireless Bluetooth earphone is perfect for those live busy, mobile lives on the go. With sleek aesthetics, lightweight design and easy operation, this wireless earphone is built for all-day use thanks to its incredible ergonomic comfort. Within the compact yet understated design, you'll find some powerful tech including CVC 6.0 and DSP audio processor for super noise reduction and crystal-clear communication. Compatible with a broad range of platforms, enjoy one-click operation to answer or close calls – essential for safer driving. For those seeking the flexibility of a single earphone and an affordable price point, it's hard to beat this Wireless Bluetooth earphone.

Why you should buy it: compact design, superb functionality and unbeatable value.



4.KZ AS10 5BA HiFi stereo earphone in-ear earbuds with 0.75mm 2 pin cable - $47.59

Feature highlights:

● Durable and lightweight ergonomics

● Great audio performance

● Interchangeable cables

● Excellent HD condenser microphone

interchangeable cables of KZ AS10 In-ear earbuds  

Crafted for sports and urban use, these KZ AS10 In-ear earbuds deliver a striking design with pure performance for uncompromising audiophiles. Sleek and solidly-built, these buds are perfect for exercise, city travel, and much more. With their lightweight functionality and impressive sound, they blend audio performance with a smart and practical design. The armature units on this eye-catching earphones deliver excellent audio output with a strong bass, powerful mids and clear highs for high-def audio you can rely on. Delivering impressive dynamic sound, the KZ-AS10 represent excellent value, signature sound and great craftsmanship.

Why you should buy it: excellent build quality, slim profile and impressive acoustics.

5.Luminous wireless hanging ear Bluetooth earphone for sport - $15.99

Feature highlights:

● Luminous earphone cable for style

● One button design for versatile operation

● Bluetooth 4.1 for clearer sound


Affordably priced, the Luminous wireless hanging ear Bluetooth earphone for sport triumphantly combines superb functionality, smart design and a great price. There's plenty to smile about with its balanced sound signature, powerful sound fidelity and comfortable wear. If you're looking for something stylish, all-day comfort and polished design are high points for these earphones. With single button control and Bluetooth 4.1, it's effortless to stay connected to your favorite music. Overall, the luminous wireless hanging ear Bluetooth earphone is a great choice at a fantastic low price point.

Why you should buy it: easy functionality, top-notch design, and superb value

It's a wrap, everyone

We hope you enjoyed the short guide on our top wireless earphones. Navigating a rapidly expanding category and cutting the cord for good has never been easier. Whatever your needs, we have a Bluetooth earphone at the right price for you at Gearbest. Take your mobile music to the next level and shop stunning audio tech today.

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