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  • Aomway
    First Timer Goggles
    New to this FPV game but I wasn't drawn to the box style goggles which were considerably cheaper than these but also a lot bigger. Being my first time with FPV I have nothing to benchmark these against but for myself I am totally impressed with their performance. I originally thought I'd get a fully immersive edge to edge view but it's more like holding your phone 1ft from your face but this isn't an issue at all whilst flying and I'm using a 16:9 1.8mm foxeer on my quad. There a few things I would change, firstly the case for the goggles, whilst it is a nice protective case for storing the goggles, it is pretty much useless to use it to transport the goggles anywhere as it can only fit the goggles. You'll have to store the battery and antennas elsewhere or try and squeeze it all in but potentially damaging something. I doubt anyone will use this case after the initial unboxing. I'd also add the ability to turn the fan off instead of having to wait the full 10 mins for it to auto shut off. This fan will also get noisy after a couple mins running, it's noticeable but not that annoying (suppose it helps knowing it's still on). The DVR I wish had the ability to also record in 16:9 but it is locked to 4:3. The IPD adjusters can easily be knocked out of place so readjustment can be necessary but I suppose you don't want them too stiff as making minor adjustments would be a pain. The low battery warning is annoying and you cannot change the limit at which it activates. Seems to be set too high, I'm running a 3S and the low battery alarm comes on at 10.4v and will remain on at 10.2V. I suppose it is only trying to help protect over discharging but personally I'd like the ability to set the limit lower or set the frequency of the alarm. I have also noticed the band/freq shown in the goggles is not the same as what is set on the VTX. My VTX is set to A 8 which according to its chart is 5725Mhz but my commander picks up B 1 5733Mhz. Can't figure out why but I have not had any issues with it finding my video feed or dropping connection. The only thing I have changed is replacing the Aomway patch for a Menace Invader patch which operates a lot better. I've gone enough now, but I'd say overall I am impressed with these goggles and I don't see me changing these for a long time.Happy Flying :)

    Feb 02,2019

  • Jeremy Irons
    First set of fpv goggles
    5 stars because of value for money, fit, and reception. So far these goggles are being used in conjunction with tiny whoops and micros but I have been building a couple 5 inch quads that Im very interested to see how these handle the transmitters I have. Fairly new to FPV but so far I have heen happy with all my purchases and these goggles are definitely one of them! I received them in prestine condition and in a timely manner for living in Oklahoma City. I did have to change out the antennas but everybody and their dog said that I would need to do that. Will be buying the V2s next.

    Sep 18,2018

  • corrales2018
    Oh yeah baby!
    waited a long time for these. great reception, look great, and use up to a 4s battery. I have slight trouble getting my face close enough. Ordered a thinner face protector. Fan, SD card slot, diversity. If your on the fence pull the trigger. you won't regret it.

    Jan 07,2019

  • moi
    Aomway Commander 1
    only a few days with those but look good goggles, light, good screen quality. Maybe a little oldfashion in comparison with new models features. I would go for the eachine EV200D, however the someway are slightly cheaper

    Mar 03,2019

  • Sarah
    Great DVR performance
    Great DVR performance can record all the exciting moments when the drone is flying at a high speed. And then I can store the vivid pictures.

    Aug 28,2018

  • Robert Shelton
    aomway commander
    5 out of 5. these are amazing!!! had to get diopters to see for I am near-sighted.. other than that, perfect. definitely recommend

    Nov 05,2018

  • Katherine
    Immersive feeling
    It offers me immersive feeling and realistic picture. So far I have been satisfied with the purchase of these goggles.

    Oct 10,2018

  • John From Chicago
    Great Lower cost Goggle
    Very light weight and comfortable goggle. The video is almost as good as my more expensive Fat Shark.

    Dec 06,2018

  • Rose
    Big display
    Big display makes me more immersive and I have a comfortable feeling to wear.

    Aug 10,2018

  • Amanda
    Good goods
    Thin and thick eye masks fit most people's face and the feeling is good.

    Sep 07,2018