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  • Leonard Jones
    These products are different,with the ha serum I noticed a tightening right away and healthier skin within a week,the price is right,they are so easy to use and my skin looks and feels so much better,i use it as the manufacturer suggested on website ; morning vitamin c with usual moisturizer and at night the hyaluronic acid under night cream,skin so far feels very supple and looks great,i am equally impressed with truskin as a company as I received a bottle of hyaluronic acid which for some reason was very low in product,outside of bottle was damp but no leakage in packaging so I assumed it had come from the manufacturer that way,the next day I received an e-mail from a rep from truskin who apologized for the shortage and asked for an address to send a complimentary bottle to,provide a great product such as the hyaluronic acid and combine it with class-act customer service ... six stars

    Sep 16,2017

  • Saugar
    I recently ordered a few products from truskin and love them all,my face and eyes feel hydrated and small lines have started to diminish,in the morning when I wake up my skin is so soft and hydrated,i do the same in the am and my skin still feels great at the end of the day,the products are very gentle on the skin in my opinion,i have used other products both expensive and at drugstores but have not had the same results

    Jul 10,2018

  • Kelly a dowiak
    I currently use the c serum daily and the super c serum three times a week,i bought this because my skin was so dry this winter and that was easier than finding a new moisturizer that wouldn't break me out,my skin is so hydrated and smooth,i also deal with very oily skin,it's a great product I didn't know I needed

    Nov 26,2016

  • Glamette
    I am so happy I ordered this and the vitamin c serum from truskin naturals !!! I was skeptical about reviews saying they saw an immediate result,my fine lines were less noticeable & the pores on my oily skin were markedly smaller (oily skin was one of the reasons I didn't try sooner)

    Jun 24,2017

  • Nick OConnor
    I am ordering my second bottle and will most likely stick to this brand since I am very happy with it and the cost is not over the top,seems good on sensitive skin as my daughter prefers this to the very expensive one she bought that irritates her sensitive skin

    Feb 20,2018

  • Caleb Walker
    While doing some research on organic skin care I ran across truskin naturals and decided to give them a try,to my surprise I am loving the products,i have been using them now for several weeks,the pump on the hylauronic serum is very stiff

    Oct 11,2017

  • B C
    My skin is very dry and I also get bouts of rosacea (for which I take no medication),using your product I have notice that my skin is slightly softer,it may help the dark circles under my eyes (hereditary),especially in such a short time frame

    Jan 25,2017

  • Peng Meihao
    Truskin naturals is by far the only skin care brand I have ever used where I see visible results,i am faithful to use their products I see a difference in not only clearing up my skin but in preventing further breakouts or blemishes

    Apr 13,2017

  • S. Whaley
    I love hyaluronic serums they are so moisturizing I have cheated and tried other brands that are cheaper but you get what u pay for this is the best,i will continue with the use of ha but not this brand they are very good for your skin

    Mar 15,2018

  • Nikky
    I first started to use these products it was working great but then I developed a skin reaction,i must add that she did state that if I felt my skin was still too sensitive to use the product that her offer of a refund still stands

    Apr 07,2018